Monday, 27 December 2010

Ending of the Year

Thought i'd better stick my nose round the door before 2010 ends .
My Blogging seems to have taken a back step these past couple of months . I don't know why . I just haven't got round to it for some reason.
Anyway here i am now . Since I last posted we've been away to Wales to visit our friends Artis-Anne and her DH Tony . We went by train as I'm still not driving.It was a brilliant week of walking , spinning , knitting , talking and eating . Unfortunately when I got back I had an attack of the post holiday blues. something I've not experienced since I was in my teens . But I bounced back and at the end of November I made my first trip to town on my own . So things are progressing I'm now down to half a milligram of Diazapam and should be off it completely in a week or so .
I've been very busy knitting Christmas presents and was rewarded yesterday by smiling Children and Grandchildren as they tried on their new togs .Silly me forgot to take pics :0(
The two Roberts
I can't end this Blog without mentioning my Darling Bobby . It's been a year since he left us but not a day goes by that I don't think of him . It's been hard this past week trying to get ready for Christmas and thinking of last year .I've got through it but not before I shed a lot of tears.
I seem to have a legacy of him though . Look carefully at the two photos above they are not of the same person .The one on the left is Bobby aged about 31 and the one on the right is my son Robert aged 31 .
So I still have a bit of Bobby here with me in my son who , incedently has his Uncle's nature as well as his looks .
I'll be glad to see the end of 2010 and I'm looking forward to a much brighter 2011.
I look forward to seeing you all  then when hopefully my blogging will be brighter and a bit more often .
Happy New Year to you all .