Thursday, 26 August 2010

Getting about .

Things are improving and I can feel my old self creeping back to life .I've had a few trips to the supermarket with my good neighbour , Carol . I manage to get out for a walk every day with DH . This really helps . An hour in the fresh air and out of the house . I'd go stir crazy otherwise.
The councelling is going well , though it's very emotionally draining . I never expected it it to be be so hard. I've three more sessions to go yet.
Last Saturday my great No3 son managed to get the whole family together . It's a logistical nightmare getting them together as No 1 son lives down south and the other three work shifts . But luckily No 1 son was holidaying in Derbyshire , which isn't far , and everyones shifts fitted in . No 3 son booked a table at the local pub and we went out for a belated Ruby Wedding celebration. It was lovely to have all the children and Grandchildren together but I did feel a bit over whelmed and just sat there listening to all the conversations .Sadly no pics as I forgot my camera . Luckily No 3 son had his and took loads of pics for me and is going to make a collage of them .
Today I took another step forward and we went to town on the bus .We had a wander round and went for a coffee at my favourite coffee shop. We only went for an hour or so but it's a start .
My next goal is to go to S'N'B but at the moment I'm not sleeping very well and by the evening I'm shattered so that will have to wait a little while longer.
The Bank Holiday looms and it will be strange not working . I'm really missing going out to the shows and meeting people but I've got to keep looking forwards and think about next year . No 3 son says i should look upon this year as my Gap Year .

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Getting there .

Well I'm getting there slowly but surely.The good days are overtaking the bad , though I'm going through a bit of a rough spell at the moment as I am coming off the Diazapam . It's not easy and I wish to God I'd never been put on them . I now think I know what it's like for a junkie going through detox ha ha ! .
On a brighter note I've got my knitting Mojo back , though I'm only knitting socks at the moment . It's nice to feel the yarn and needles passing through my hands and it does help to calm me down .I've been spinning as well and that has the same effect . My hand spun stash is growing bigger so I'll have to start knitting some of it up soon .Another plus is on Friday  I went shopping for the first time in ages . Our neighbour very kindly  took us . I needed a rest when I got back . It's suprising how something as simple as that can tire you out when you've not done it for ages .But I did it .
I'm hoping to get back to S'n'B soon . I'm missing everybody and it does get us out of the house for an evening. 
I also miss not being able to drive and go out when we like. We've made few short trips out by bus  but i miss the convenience of just nipping to places in the car. Ah! well I will just have to wait a bit longer till I'm off the dreaded diazapam .
One more thing before I go . I made a huge ommition in my last post . On the 27th of last month me and Papa Bear celebrated our Ruby Wedding . Very quietly though but we plan to have a party as soon as I'm well enough.