Sunday, 29 March 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning .

When we awoke this morning it was glorious Sunshine just as the weather man had predicted . And as last night I had, had one of my Rip Van Winkle moments ( I'd gone to bed at 7-30 pm and slept the clock round without wakening up ) I was suitably refreshed and raring to go .
As you know if you read this Blog regularly Papa Bear has to do these bird surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology and we had one more to do for this Spring . It's a long walk and the last two miles are tedious to say the least and never have any birds to record . With that in mind we hatched a plan . We took a flask , butties , fruit juice and biscuits and set off . It was great walking in the sunshine though at first the wind was a little chill . We saw plenty of birds and had regular stops for refreshments . It proved to be a good idea and we weren't as tired as usual . When we got onto the lat two mile stretch we put part two of the plan into operation . I'd taken the bus passes and just as we arrive at the bus stop one arrived :0) . We save walking two miles and took a half hour off our journey home .
Chickens enjoying the sun and scratching round.

You can just about make out DH and Meg on the road .
This field's ready for planting . I wonder what the farmer is going to grow here. There was quite a few Lapwings on this field , you don't see them as often as you used to with all the change in farming methods .
This field has got a good growth of grass already . It will probably used for silage later on.
A Blackthorn in blossom . There'll be sloughs on there in the Autumn. Mmmm Slough gin . How blue is that sky .
Broom or is it gorse I can never rememberwhich is which , showing it's bright yellow blossom.
Lunch Break.
This goose was sunning itself but when I started to take it's pic it took offence and started hissing . Quite the Diva .
This cow was looking out on the field as if to say " Can't we go out and play yet " Won't be long I expect though David Archer let his cows out last week :0)
Another Blackthorn .
As you can see it was a good walk and made us both feel better and as the clocks went forward last night it won't be dark early tonight.
On being very remiss .
I need to apologise to my eldest for not showing the following pic sooner . All I can say is that I kept forgetting.
About a month ago a big brown envelope came through the door addressed to Mum and Dad . I knew it was from No 1 son because he always send mail addressed like that. What we didn't expect was what was inside . He'd bought us a tree but not just any old tree , this tree was going to be planted in a plantation in Scotland at the RSPB reserve on Corrimony to replace trees destroyed by fire ten years ago . We don't know what sort will be planted but it will be a native broad leafed variety. There won't be a plaque or anything but the citation our son sent will be read out as the tree is planted . Just in case you can't read the writing in the picture the citation is
For bringing me up
in the way that you did
and the love we have become
He had done this after having a particularly horrendous week and when everything had got sorted this was his way of celebrating . We were deeply touched at this very thoughtful act and I'm choking up as I write . Things like this makes being a parent all the more worthwhile .
If you are interested in the Trees for Life scheme you can find out all about it if you go here

Friday, 27 March 2009

This and That

I was going to post this blog yesterday but when I came on the puter to do it I noticed that Blogger was going to do some maintenance work so postponed it . As we go out to S'N'B on Thursdays it's had to wait till now . I like Thursdays and S'N'B . It has done me and DH good to have somewhere to go during the long Winter months and we are in good company as well . We also go to Lostock Hall Craft Group every month and the same goes for that .
What a difference in the weather .It will put have paid to all those daft people who , last week ,where walking about as if it was the middle of Summer in strappy tops and cotton frocks .
Yesterday morning me and DH couldn't agree on the weather forecast . He said it was going to rain all day I said it was supposed to come fine in the afternoon. Result we went out in the morning and got wet through . What happened in the afternoon ??????!!!!!!! The bloody Sun came out just like I said , next time we go by what I'd heard .
We've got strangers on the lake . They are Indian Runners , a breed of domestic ducks . One was there last week but it seems to have acquired a mate . I have no idea where they have come from as they can't fly very far . Someone must have dumped them there. We'll have to keep an eye on them .
The shawl progesseth a tad . I love the way it's coming out . I've used all the Shetland and am now putting a band of the Purple Merino blend I spun .
Here's a close up . I love my spinning . Over the last couple of weeks I have been selling the weaving looms I haven't touched for ages to raise funds for a new wheel , I want a double treadle so I can spin faster . I've now got enough and have ordered it today . Can't wait .
I've been making batts as well ,I love putting the colours together . Last night when I took this to S'N'B one of the girl's , Julie , said it reminded her of a mermaid , so that's it's name.
I've also been good this week and spent quite a bit of time in my workroom making memory albums . I think this is going to be the last batch I make . I've not a lot of interest in making them and the fact that you can get them in the shops for £6-99 doesn't help . I think I will carry on making my small ones as they are popular and don't take as long to make . I'd much rather be doing some thing with fibre.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

I have just spent a very pleasant few hours with three of my four children.
My fourth is down in Somerset and it's been along time since I saw him on Mothering Sunday but he always sends me lovely flowers and rings me .These are all my flowers and gifts from them all .
I have always said I love being a Mum and was lucky enough to be a full time one and saw every part of my childrens growing up .
I hope all you Mum's who read my Blog have had as nice a day as I have .

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring .

Don't you feel better when the Sun shines . For the past few days the back door and windows have been open it's been that warm . Everything is coming to life.It's only three days off the Spring Equinox then it's officially Spring .
Me and DH were up and out walking early this morning and it was glorious . The sky was blue , I think every bird around was singing and the air was filled with the musky scent of fox .We did our middle length walk and the following pics are what we saw .Celandine forcing their way up amongst the twigs and leaves .
Primroses. There was just one lonely clump.
Hawthorn bursting it's buds . We used to eat Hawthorn buds when i was a child , we called them "Bread and Cheese "
An early riser feeding off the willow buds .
A gorgeous Willow in full flower . Note the blue sky.
Cowslips just about to burst it's buds .
I got so close to this Robin . He was feeding off some seed someone had put on top of the post .
Another reason for welcoming the Sun , I can get my wool dried outside.
I could do with being outside for the rest of the day buuut unfortunately I need to get some stock made just in case the Silloth Craft Fair is definitely going ahead . I don't know what's the matter with me these days unless I am doing something that is fibre related I haven't got much motivation to do my other craft stuff . I desperately need some memory albums but I keep making excuse not to do them , maybe it's time to wind them down . I will have to finish the ones that are cut out though :0(

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fibre , Fibre everywhere .

Today I went with some friends from S'N'B fibre hunting but we had to go over the border into Yorkshire and for someone from Lancashire that's scary . Only kidding , it's a Red Rose - White Rose battle thingy . We went to Winghams Woolworks . It's in a little village called Wentworth, nr Rotherham. We had a lovely journey and we couldn't have picked a better day it was gorgeous.
This was the Merino shed . Talk about kiddy in a sweet shop . There was another shed with Merino /Silk just the same . I just did not know which way to look .

This is what I got . Just a tad . He ! He!
But there was reason for so much is because I want to make ....
.......these. My own batts , to sell at Wonderwool and Wool fest
These are my first attempts with my new drumcarder and I don't think they are to bad .
Watch this space.
This is a bit of lace I've been wanting to do for a while. It's Swallowtail Shawl and I am using the fine Shetland I spun last week .
We've also had a bit of good news today . Our four day Craft Fair at Silloth at Easter could be back on . Some one else has taken it over . It just depends on whether he gets enough to fill the marquee .So we have got everything crossed.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Birthdays and Insulation

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a brilliant day . Plus , just like the day I was born , the Sun was shining brightly. Papa Bear bought me this.The spinners amongst you will be green with envy . Non spinners will be wondering what the heck it is . It's a Drum Carder for carding fleece and roving as part of the preparation for spinning. I can now make my own lovely batts :0)
I got loads of cards . Amber and Mr Mog came for lunch and brought me goodies of candles , crystals , outdoor joss sticks for my Summer Garden shrine and a twirly candle holder .
From the children I got flowers from No 1 son , A satchel for taking my knitting out and about from No 2 son , DD is taking me here to see Brief Encounter , my all time favourite . This is the original stage play not the Celia Johnston / Leslie Howard film.
And from No 3 son I got the book Stitch and Bitch Nation and the companion Work book .
Plus loads of goodies from friends at S'N'B .
It was lovely the children coming last night and it's always a laugh . everyone trying to speak at once . By the time they went I was knackered.

Today we have been Insulated.
The guys came to put cavity wall insulation in . What a noise , with them drilling . I can't stand high pitched whiny noises as I have sensitive ears. Fortunately it didn't take to long . The pic above is the stuff they put in and guess what !!!!!!!!! it's WOOL . Unfortunately it's not British but it's natural . It's like having a giant tea cosy put on the house :0)))
We will now have to see if it makes any difference .
I ended up doing a bit of Spring Cleaning because of them . We had to take everything off the window ledges because of the vibrations so whilst they were all clear I cleaned all the windows and washed the frames down and did my nets . I actually had the windows open for quite a while it was warm. I've also ended up with a pile of freshly dried ironing to do . TaTa .

Monday, 9 March 2009


I love the word that I've chosen for the title of this post . It says so much and was a favourite of my Mum's . It must be a proper word cos I've spell checked it :0)
To me it means a mish mash of allsorts , which this post is going to be .
Firstly , look what the postie brought me this morning all the way from the U.S. They are from Enchanted Knoll Farm and I have my friend Littleberry for luring me over to this website and me giving my credit card a bashing but never mind :0)
This is called Sari . I just love the deep plum colour.
This is Red Silk Kimono . Again gorgeous colours .

Lastly Vardo . Now in the Romany world a Vardo is a type of Gypsy Wagon which to me is very apt as in the Summer we tend to live a gypsy style of life.
They weren't cheap but as I am always saying , I don't drink , I don't smoke and rarely have a night out and at least when these batts are spun I will have something to show for my money .
Remember the bobbins on the shelf , last week . This is a finished skein of Shetland Wool .
100grms and 433 yards . This is the finest I have spun to date .
This was spun from the gorgeous batt and Merino roving Blackpurl gave me in the Secret Santa Swap at S'N'B at Christmas . 100grms 399 yards . Not quite as fine but finer than I've been spinning.

Next up is Unfinished Symphonies.
I've been trying to finish all the bits and pieces I've started and left.
First up Mobeous and Mitts . Knitted from some hand spun Merino and Silk I spun whilst up in Cumbria last Summer .
Jogless Stripey socks begun last year , I can't remember when . Knitted in my own Hand Dyed Sock Yarn modelled on a pair of DH's sock blockers . Which can be purchased here .
Told you it was a conglomeration .
To finish off we went to Coppull yesterday to deliver a huge order of Project Bags , Sock Blockers and other bits and pieces ,to our friend Sarah who is starting up her very own website . She's cleverer than me . Sarah is getting very excited at the prospect of the launch Mid March . It's called Brownberry Yarns . Take a peek from time to time it will be opening soon .

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New Walk and spinning update

My blogging seems to have taken a back seat of late but I'm really going to try and rectify that in future . Before I tell you about our new walk here's alittle pic from our usual railway walk .I found these little Snowdrops tucked under a tree . They were the only ones out, though there were a lot of tufts of green dotted about . Maybe there will be some more flowers when we go again.
Sunday we went over to DD's for a new walk and tea .
The walk was over Crompton Moor , in the hills above Oldham . She goes there often with her Boss and his two Labs and her little Maggie , the Patterdale. It was cold but quite bracing and the dogs had a whale of a time .
Half way up . Group pic , DD , Boss , Papa Bear ,dogs , Milo , Jake , Maggie and Meg .
Unfortunately Meg is the only one you can see clearly as the other three are black .
Thankfully we took a zig zag path as I have now realised I am definately not fit . I've managed to lose 10 pounds lately but the other ten will have to come off if I'm going to be walking in Cumbria in the Summer.
Summit . Wish I knew waht they were disscussing . Judging by the look on DD's face it was interesting. From the summit you can see three counties ,
and Yorkshire .
We really enjoyed it , it made a nice change. When we got to the bottom dogs and folks were pooped . DD made us a lovely Fish Pie for tea . Must do it again :0)

Spinning update .
I've been very busy , spinning wise . I've been a bit fed up of my plodding speed of spinning and seemed to have been getting nowhere , fast . It's been taking ages to spin 100grms of fibre , so last week I did a bit of experimenting and wheel tweeking and now I'm the Stirling Moss of spinners , well sort of . I've managed to spin all the bobbins in the pic in just a couple of days
and I did this last night . Hopefully they will all be spun and plyed by the weekend .

Last but not least.
Last week was Papa Bear's birthday and I bought him a super duper 12 mega pixel camera and this is one ofthe first pics he took . Meg was in her favourite place at the end of the setee and DH was at the other and just waited till she turned to him . There was no flash on , so he didn't get the usual redeye . Doesn't she look gorgeous We are biased though:0)