Friday, 19 February 2010

And the word for this year is Diversify :0)

Well now Laal Bear is having a bit of a change in what she makes.
I've been doing Craft Fairs now for 17 years and I've decided to have a bit of a change .
I won't be going out to the fairs much this year as the Doc has told me to take things a bit easy .The albums I used to make haven't been selling very fast so I'm selling them off . So I pondered what to do to make a few pennies. First off Buttons .
Using good old Fimo .
Millifiore ( don't know if I've spelt that right :0) ) ones.
Ones I made earlier . I've stitched them on to nice card . I took them to S'n'B last night and the girls where impressed .
Next we have lavender satchets . I got a load of lavender last year from a lady in the next close who was going to throw it away . So I made these to use it .
Finally soaps and bath bombs . 
I took some of these up to the farm shop I supply and she wants me to put some up there . She reckons they will be ideal as Mother's Day Gifts . 
Fear not my wolly and fibre friends I ain't giving up on the wool and fibre . These are just a little side line to help me along . I wouldn't give up my dyeing and spinning for anybody .

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting Better.

At last there is light at the end of the tunnel . I don't know if it's the new tablets or the bad weekend I had that brought things to a head but I am feeling very well . I've started cooking and cleaning again , so that's a good sign . I've also been knitting and spinning.
Socks for me . Knit with my handspun Corriedale in Roses in the Snow colour way.
Socks for Stacey , No 3 son's lady . Hand dyed BFL ,colour way Happy Hippy .
Handspun Corriedale for DH some socks.
Hand dyed ,hand spun BFL/Silk colourway Maji.For sale .
Hand dyed , hand spun Merino/Bamboo . For sale .
Hand dyed , hand spun Falkland ,colourway Candy Apple . For sale .
Hand dyed hand spun Falkland , colourway Honey Bee . For sale .
The spinning has been a great therapy as I get lost in a world of my own when I'm doing it .

Signs of Spring .
We took the car in today for a bit of fettling and as it was only going to take an hour we took the dogs down with us then went off for a walk . We were lucky as the garage isn't very far from our favourite walk . The Railway Walk .
Shoots are pushing there way up .
Two tiny snowdrops.
Leaves bursting from there buds on the trees.
You can just see the farmer on his tractor muck spreading the fields .
Daffodils in bud. They'll be out soon .
And I had to take a pic of this dead tree . It reminded me of a swan's neck and head .
It was a lovely walk and the Sun made it all the better.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Imbolc / Candlemas

Imbolc / Candlemas Greetings to one and all .
As usual I have decorated my fireplace appropriatly.
All the candles give the hearth a warm glow just as if there was a fire there.
The old ryme goes 
" If Candlemas is fair and bright ,
Winter will have another flight " 
Well it's poured down here most of the day , does that mean things are going to get warmer. Papa Bear had to nip out in between showers with the dogs as both dogs refuse to go out in the rain and do what comes naturally :0)
The days are lenthening now and with the longer days and more light I'm getting better by the day.
A week and a half without feeling grotty is great , I feel like i'm getting my life under control again . 
I've managed to do some spinning and will post pics whan it's all dry.