Friday, 31 October 2008

Halloween/ Samhain Greetings

Just my little Hommage to Halloween / Samhain
to celebrate the true meaning ,Summer's end and the beginning of Winter.
Lots of candles to lighten the Dark Days .

Weekend Craft Fair

I'm actually working this weekend . Hmmm.
This will be the first Craft fair I've done since the end of August . Why not pay me a visit if you are in the area . Small discount if you mention my Blog or Ravelry.
Even though i havn't been out doing the fairs i've still managed a few sales . The farm shop is looking ok and maybe the run up to Christmas will be good as well .
Anyway this is just a short post as I have loaaaaads to do to get ready for Sunday.
See Ya'll there :-)))

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

We've Been Away :-)

I should have posted this blog a couple of days ago but it's been one of those weeks .
We went away for a few days to visit No1 son in Somerset , who has just moved into a new house with his new Lady .
We set off very early last Thursday as we wanted to call in a few places on the way .
Our first port of call was Street , to go to Clarks village , where i got a few bargains . Half price shoes , bargain bag of scented candles and some Christmas pressies for Papa Bear. Can't show or it will spoil the surprise . Suffice to say I think he'll like them.
Then we went on to Glastonbury . I just love going there. No1 son used to live there so when we visited I could wander round for days but now he's moved we only get a brief visit. This is Glastonbury Tor . It wasn't taken the day we were there as it was rather dull then . So I waited a day and went back to take this.
Got some goodies whilst I was there .
I got these . Aren't they wicked . They are hand painted and handmade . I got them from
The Picture Boot Company at Pandora on the High Street. I also got an order form for some shoes that I can design myself . I will wear them with
This . No , it's not a patchwork quilt , it's a gorgeous swirly shirt.
And to top them off I made these . This is my own dyed wool appropriately
called Hippy. It appears my old Hippy ways are creeping back into my life but whocares it will brighten up the dark days of Winter :-)))))
We had a lovely day out to Wells and had a look round the Cathedral . I could have posted loads of pics about this place it was so beautiful.
These cottages belong to the Cathedral the road is called Vicars Row , I think . I was fascinated by the chimneys. It was very peacful and quiet down there .
I found a fantastic Wool Shop just off the main street and treated myself to some yarn to make a felted bag .
We stayed in an old market town in Somerset where there was loads of nooks and crannies to investigate . This is Papa Bear wandering up one of the alleyways . There were several of these leading off the High Sreet and are known as Bartons . I've yet to find out why .
We spent four days with our son , his new Lady and his boys . We also met his new Lady's two children . It was a really nice visit. On the Friday i made a Traditional Lancashire dish , Butter Pie , for the evening meal . Eight of us sat round the big dining table and held hands whilst my Grandsons led a Blessings song . It was just like The Waltons :-)))
This is their house . It's an old victorian town house , it's huuuge and is full of light. A real family house . It's got a terraced garden at the back with stone staircases to get to each level . Guess who went up to see the garden and slipped off some of the steps and who now has a humungous bruise the clour of the hippy boots on her back :-( .
I also hurt my shoulder , which was sore already . Had to go to the docs when I got back and was sent for an Xray .
Anyway not to worry we had a Fantastic weekend and we missed the horredous weather in the North . We are looking forward to seeing them all in the New Year.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

And the winner is .

Just a quick post for now . I have just had the draw . I decided to let Meg choose . So i put everyones name on a piece of paper and see which Meg put her paw on first when I called her .She looks like she's saying Yeh!! cos CECILIA has won .
There'll be a little something in the post for you Cecelia .
Thanks for taking part . I'll probably have another at the next 100

Sunday, 19 October 2008

100 Posts and Hugs

Pull up a chair and get a brew it's a bit of a long one .
I've just realised I've reached a milestone in Blogworld . This is my 100th post . I will have been blogging a year on the 25th so that will be another.
To celebrate this event i am going to have a little draw. Anyone leaving a comment on this post before Tuesday 21st, will get their name put in a hat . The lucky person who gets their name drawn out will get a small prize ;-))
I have been working weekends for the past 16 yrs so I am still getting used to being at home on Sundays . I never know what to do .Should I spend the day resting or should I make use of the time and go up to my workroom . As I can't sit doing nothing I usually end up in the Attic. One good thing is we can go for a walk . This morning it was dark and dull with a chill wind.The Sun was trying really hard to break through the heavy cloud but I'm afraid it was fighting a losing battle . We went on our usual railway walk as it was far enough for Papa Bear , who is still recovering. It's been a long week .
I couldn't resist taking a pic of this magnificent tree in all its autumn splendour . Unfortunately I couldn't get it all in. It's branches were stretched out like open arms as if it was going to give a hug.
We took a slight detour to go and see what was on the small lake and we were pleasantly surprised to find this pair . Dad an baby judging by the bump on his beak .
When we got home we had another surprise . Number 3 son was there with his brand new pup , Bramble . She's a Border Terrier x Patterdale .
To end with on this dark , dull day I'm going to leave you with this poem .
Don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be in the draw.
It’s wondrous what a hug can do
A hug can cheer you when your blue.
A hug can say,”I love you so”
Or,”I hate to see you go”.
A hug is;”Welcome back again!”
And “Great to see you !” or
“ Where’ve you been?”
A hug can soothe a small child’s pain.
And bring a rainbow after rain.
The Hug! There’s no doubt about it,
We scarcely can survive without it,
A hug delights and warms and charms,
it must be why God gave us arms.
Hugs are great for Fathers and mothers
sweet for sisters, even for brothers.
And chances are some favourite aunts,
love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave them ,puppies love them ,
Heads of state are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier,
And make the dullest day seem merrier.
No need to fret about the store of ‘em,
The more you give the more there are of ‘em.
So stretch your arms without delay ,
And give someone a hug today. Anon.
Told you it was along one :-))))))

Thursday, 16 October 2008

What a difference a week makes.

We managed to get out for a walk in between showers . It stopped raining as soon as we got out of the car and chucked it down when we got back in.
Autumn is marching on at a quick pace now . There was a chill wind and the leaves were flying off the trees. But what a difference a week makes .
The following pictures were taken exactly a week apart . Last Thursday .

Last Thursday.
We had a lovely walk and Meg met up with another dog and had a good chase round . It was the first time Papa Bear had been out all week . He had a bad seizure on Sunday and it well and truly knocked the stuffing out of him . He's still not 100% but to look at him you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with him . That's the trouble with what I call "hidden" illnesses until people see him have a seizure they think he's fine and wonder why he doesn't work . He's planning to come to Stitch 'N' Bitch tonight though . He doesn't want to miss that if he can help it :-)
The clocks go back next weekend and it's ten weeks to Christmas :-)))
Just thought I'd remind you, then you can all have a mad panic .
My pressies are nearly sorted .I have a pile of sweaters , cardies etc all waiting to be sewn up and finished . I've got three more to knit and a couple of pairs of socks and I'm sorted.
Isn't it great when you're organised.

Monday, 13 October 2008

New Dyeing .

As it was a nice blowy warm day yesterday I decided to do a little bit of dyeing. I wanted to try out some different techniques. the following eight are all Blue Faced Leicester and I have 100grms of each for sale . UK only . £10 plus £1-60 postageDolly Mixture / Hearts ease / Jelly Bean / Storm .
Cotton Candy / Halloween / Lido / Yule .
These are 100% pure Kid Mohair . Its like gossamer and comes in 50grm hanks . One hank will make a scarf . For sale at £9-00 per hank plus £1 postage . I have two hanks of each .
If anyone is interested in buying please email me at info(at)laalbear(dot)co(dot)uk or if you are on Ravelry PM me.

Things are looking up on the Christmas Craft scene . We are now attending a Christmas Craft Market in Blackburn town centre on the 27th Nov and the 11th Dec .
With the Grassington Dickensian Fairs we have booked and the Fair at the Dalmeny I think that will do . We have also put our crafts and yarn in the Head 'oth' Marsh Farm Shop on Sandy Lane, Brindle , Nr Blackburn and I've had a few sales from the Blog .
When I came back from Cumbria in September I was a little worried we hadn't got much Christmas work but I thought , to quote Mr Micawber , " Something 'll turn up " and it has .
I'm now going into making Christmas Decs mode . Will post pics later ;-)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Smoothies and Haircuts

A few weeks ago me and Papa Bear joined the Preston Stitch'n 'Bitch group that meets every week at Starbucks in Preston. It gets us out of the house of an evening and we've met some lovely people .
Last week we started knitting little hats for the Innocent Smoothie /Age Concern Appeal .
You have to knit little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles and for every one sold in a Sainsbury's store 50p is donated to Age Concern . So in a week we had this lot.

Our original target was 100 but we made 145. Yeh!!!! which have been duly posted off .

That's the smoothies taken care of , now to the haircut .
For a couple of months now I've been finding it difficult to dry my long hair due to rheumatism in my left shoulder . I find it difficult to hold the dryer up long enough to dry my hair.
So this morning I took the bull by the horns and went from .This

To this .
A bit Judi Dench , a bit pixie .He he ! I love it and so does DH. It will be a lot easier to take care of and no having to hold the dryer for hours . Feel free to comment :-)))

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Walking and Spinning { not at the same time :-) }

After yesterday's deluge of rain this morning was glorious so me and Papa Bear had a lovely walk along our favourite railway walk .According to folklore if there's a lot of berries on the bushes and trees in Autumn it's going to be a hard Winter. Judging by the amount of hips , haws etc on the bushes along this walk the saying could be true. They are all heavy with fruit like these haws on the Hawthorn bush
Papa Bear and Meg going into the tree lined walk . It looks like a cave .
patches of sunshine breaking through the canopy
This Rowan was green a couple of weeks ago .
Coming out into the sunshine.
This was taken coming back and is the other side of the first pic of the walk .

The postie brought this ,this morning. It's a Jumbo Flyer for my spinning wheel . as the name suggests it's big . The bobbins can hold up to 200grms of yarn . Now i can ply 100 grms instead of just 50.
See the difference . The bobbin on the left is a standard one . Papa Bear fitted it to my wheel.
These are the singles on the Lazy Kate ready for plying .
Coming along nicely.
Two hours later. 100grms /318 yds of Hand Dyed ,Hand Spun , Blue Faced Leicester.
I am well chuffed . Being able to ply 100grms all at once saves a bit of time . All I have to do is spin 50grms of each of the colours I want to ply and away I go .
I truly love spinning . It's so relaxing and I just drift off into a world of my own .

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cookin' with Gas , Yeh!!!!!

It's here , it's fitted. The brand spanking new cooker.The Cousins arrived just after nine . My cousin The Builder /kitchen fitter brought his son , so that's another generation on the workers list . My cousin The Gas Fitter came to connect it up and make sure all was safe . At one point he had to wait for a blow torch to be brought so he serviced the wall heater in the dining room while he waited . Hows that for service .:-)))
After they'd all gone I had a good bake . Boy did I enjoy myself . I havn't baked since July and then I was on pins all the time cos the old cooker kept switching itself off . It's so much better baking in a gas oven , you get such good results. I'm going to freeze most of this or I will put back on all the weight i've lost.
At last I've got a bit of knitting to show you . I have knit loads but they are all presents so I can't post them till after Christamas . Trust me I have done loooooads.
These socks are part of a new line i'm doing . Aran patterned hiking socks in Blue Faced Leicester DK . Unfortunatey the pattern doesn't show up very well . They're lovely and warm to touch so they'll be good for keeping toes warm.
I can't end todays Blog without mentioning Meg . It is three years today since she came into our lives . This is the first ever photo of her. When we brought her home she just plonked herself down on the rug as if she'd always been here and made herseld comletely at home. She filled the huge gap our other two dogs had left . I hope she'll be with us for many years to come.