Wednesday, 29 October 2008

We've Been Away :-)

I should have posted this blog a couple of days ago but it's been one of those weeks .
We went away for a few days to visit No1 son in Somerset , who has just moved into a new house with his new Lady .
We set off very early last Thursday as we wanted to call in a few places on the way .
Our first port of call was Street , to go to Clarks village , where i got a few bargains . Half price shoes , bargain bag of scented candles and some Christmas pressies for Papa Bear. Can't show or it will spoil the surprise . Suffice to say I think he'll like them.
Then we went on to Glastonbury . I just love going there. No1 son used to live there so when we visited I could wander round for days but now he's moved we only get a brief visit. This is Glastonbury Tor . It wasn't taken the day we were there as it was rather dull then . So I waited a day and went back to take this.
Got some goodies whilst I was there .
I got these . Aren't they wicked . They are hand painted and handmade . I got them from
The Picture Boot Company at Pandora on the High Street. I also got an order form for some shoes that I can design myself . I will wear them with
This . No , it's not a patchwork quilt , it's a gorgeous swirly shirt.
And to top them off I made these . This is my own dyed wool appropriately
called Hippy. It appears my old Hippy ways are creeping back into my life but whocares it will brighten up the dark days of Winter :-)))))
We had a lovely day out to Wells and had a look round the Cathedral . I could have posted loads of pics about this place it was so beautiful.
These cottages belong to the Cathedral the road is called Vicars Row , I think . I was fascinated by the chimneys. It was very peacful and quiet down there .
I found a fantastic Wool Shop just off the main street and treated myself to some yarn to make a felted bag .
We stayed in an old market town in Somerset where there was loads of nooks and crannies to investigate . This is Papa Bear wandering up one of the alleyways . There were several of these leading off the High Sreet and are known as Bartons . I've yet to find out why .
We spent four days with our son , his new Lady and his boys . We also met his new Lady's two children . It was a really nice visit. On the Friday i made a Traditional Lancashire dish , Butter Pie , for the evening meal . Eight of us sat round the big dining table and held hands whilst my Grandsons led a Blessings song . It was just like The Waltons :-)))
This is their house . It's an old victorian town house , it's huuuge and is full of light. A real family house . It's got a terraced garden at the back with stone staircases to get to each level . Guess who went up to see the garden and slipped off some of the steps and who now has a humungous bruise the clour of the hippy boots on her back :-( .
I also hurt my shoulder , which was sore already . Had to go to the docs when I got back and was sent for an Xray .
Anyway not to worry we had a Fantastic weekend and we missed the horredous weather in the North . We are looking forward to seeing them all in the New Year.


Cecilia said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday! We used to love going to Somerset :)

Hope the bumps & bruises are healing and aren't so bad that you can't have a *HUG* from me

ambermoggie said...

Gorgeous pictures especially the clothes and boots:)