Friday, 10 October 2008

Smoothies and Haircuts

A few weeks ago me and Papa Bear joined the Preston Stitch'n 'Bitch group that meets every week at Starbucks in Preston. It gets us out of the house of an evening and we've met some lovely people .
Last week we started knitting little hats for the Innocent Smoothie /Age Concern Appeal .
You have to knit little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles and for every one sold in a Sainsbury's store 50p is donated to Age Concern . So in a week we had this lot.

Our original target was 100 but we made 145. Yeh!!!! which have been duly posted off .

That's the smoothies taken care of , now to the haircut .
For a couple of months now I've been finding it difficult to dry my long hair due to rheumatism in my left shoulder . I find it difficult to hold the dryer up long enough to dry my hair.
So this morning I took the bull by the horns and went from .This

To this .
A bit Judi Dench , a bit pixie .He he ! I love it and so does DH. It will be a lot easier to take care of and no having to hold the dryer for hours . Feel free to comment :-)))


ambermoggie said...

ne well:) I love the new haircut and like you say will be much easier to take care of. Thats why I had mine cut, I can scrunch it dry if I'm up to it if not let it dry as is

Gemma said...

Ooooh! I like! Makes you look v glam

Dajon said...

Show us ya new hair cut
Love it xxxx

Julie said...


WoollyButterfly said...

you look fabulous!

Leanne said...

you do look fab!

Leanne x

Cecilia said...

Oooooooo!!! Gorgeous! :)

Cecilia :)