Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cookin' with Gas , Yeh!!!!!

It's here , it's fitted. The brand spanking new cooker.The Cousins arrived just after nine . My cousin The Builder /kitchen fitter brought his son , so that's another generation on the workers list . My cousin The Gas Fitter came to connect it up and make sure all was safe . At one point he had to wait for a blow torch to be brought so he serviced the wall heater in the dining room while he waited . Hows that for service .:-)))
After they'd all gone I had a good bake . Boy did I enjoy myself . I havn't baked since July and then I was on pins all the time cos the old cooker kept switching itself off . It's so much better baking in a gas oven , you get such good results. I'm going to freeze most of this or I will put back on all the weight i've lost.
At last I've got a bit of knitting to show you . I have knit loads but they are all presents so I can't post them till after Christamas . Trust me I have done loooooads.
These socks are part of a new line i'm doing . Aran patterned hiking socks in Blue Faced Leicester DK . Unfortunatey the pattern doesn't show up very well . They're lovely and warm to touch so they'll be good for keeping toes warm.
I can't end todays Blog without mentioning Meg . It is three years today since she came into our lives . This is the first ever photo of her. When we brought her home she just plonked herself down on the rug as if she'd always been here and made herseld comletely at home. She filled the huge gap our other two dogs had left . I hope she'll be with us for many years to come.

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Jean said...

I love your new oven, mine is so old and heats very unevenly - so useless for baking. (I miss it). The dog is so sweet looking, I love my three dogs and can't imagine my life without them. One of them is laying next to my chair as I type. Its so precious to have these incredible beings to share our lives with.