Monday, 28 January 2013

It's been a long , long time .

Well this is a novelty ,me posting a blog .
I'm sorry folks for not blogging for aaaages but life seems to have got in the way somewhere along the line .
It's been very busy here at Chez Bears . The Etsy shop is going great guns . We usually have January off but this year it was noses to the grindstone just after New Year . 
Not that I'm complaining I wouldn't have it any other way .
We had a lovely Christmas with the familly. The Somerset branch came up for a few days just before Christmas and the rest came on Boxing day .
We have quite a houseful these days with all our children and Grand Bears. 
Speaking of which . I have a little announcment to make .
There's another Grandbear on the way
Our daughter and her boyfriend are expecting a little boy in March.
Papa and I are thrilled to bits as it makes our family complete .All our children now have children of there own :0)
Well this new one will bring the total of Grandbears up to 7 . Idealy I would like 10 to equal my Mum but 7 's a good number lol.
I love having a big family . 
We are all going away in the Summer to Whitby. DS2 has managed to find three cottages to accomadate us all . The biggest has dining room for 20 so it will be like The Waltons . I'm really looking forward to it .
I hae revamped my old Blogshop blog to become a showcase for all things dyeing and knitting.It is now called LaalBearKnits I propose to use it to promote the business and use this one as a more personal journal type one keeping you up to date withe the family etc.
Hopefully I will be blogging once a week here and intermittantly on the other. 
TTFN :0)