Wednesday, 23 December 2009

He's Gone .

My Darling Bobby is gone , he passed away quietly early yesterday afternoon. He had pneumonia and didn't respond to treatment . He leaves behind a vast hole in my life .
Rest In Peace Dear Brother .
01-05-1937     22-12-2009

I will blog again in the New Year until then I hope you all have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas .

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dressers and Good Friends

I've got two nice things to write about today :0) This lunch time I met up with my good friend Jean . We have been friends for quite a few years now and used to work on the same craft cicuit . Me with my crafts and she with her fabulous handmade cards . We have remained friends even though we don't do the shows anymore . We try to meet up at least once a year , mostly around Christmas time . Usually at Oswaldtwistle Mills , which is half way for both of us . We had a lovely lunch and caught up with all our news . As I had been rather stressed out all week with getting the new car it was a nice change to relax . When we'd had our lunch we went for a stroll round to see if there were any goodies. I couldn't believe my eyes when we went into the kitchenware department for there on a stand was something I had been on the look out for .I''l start at the begining. I've always wanted a dresser and the other week we went into our favourite charity furniture shop and saw

This , an American colonial dresser .I simply had to have it .It was perfect for the dining room .

And you can just see on the shelves what caught my eye in the kitchenware department .

The most perfect crockery to go on my dresser . American folk art cups and plates .

All with farm animals .

The cutest sheep .
I got big dinner plates to match but they are to big for the shelves so I have used them to place the two matching fruit bowls that I bought , on .

And to finish it all off I got this felt garland to got round the top .
It all looks gorgeous and I'm very pleased with the look .
I've always loved the American Folk Art style and used a lot of these fabrics when I was making patchwork quilts . I'm going to have to make some more now to match the dresser ;0)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Grassington Dickensian Festival .

The alarm clock went off at 5-00am and strangly enough we'd both slept through. This is somewhat of a phenomenon as when we do Grassington neither of us sleeps well for fear of not hearing the alarm .

It wasn't as busy as past years but trade was steady all day . This is DH at the back of the stall .

As promised a pic of my new costume . The long term stall holders still dress up in Dickensian costume but unfortunately the newcomers don't ,which is sad as I think it adds to the atmosphere . It wouldn't have happened in Mrs Freebury's day . She was the lady who took charge of the Craft Market and was very firm about dress code .

Here's a full length . Sorry the pics are a bit dark , i'll try for better ones next week .
All in all it's been a good few days . We did well at Grassington , I had a customer call on Sunday who bought loads of yarn , two decent orders from my Blogshop and yesterday I picked up my new car .

There has been a down side though . My brother Bobby is not well . He has been moved down to the medical ward , which in my opinion is where he should have been sent in the first place . At last he is being seen by a doctor every day and I'm hopeful he will start to improve again. I really do miss him . I felt it when I went to pick my car up , as usually when I get a new car he is the first person I go and see to show off . I drove past his hospital window though just to show him :0)
The weather here is still miserable but the weather forcast says better days by the end of the week . I hope we get some good bright frosty days then we can have a good long walk , instead of short , shower dodging ones .

Friday, 4 December 2009

Grassington Dickensian Festival .

Well folks it's that time of year again and Grassington is upon us once more .
So tomorrow we will be getting up at rediculouso'clock to go

Here ,to the little village of Grassington in Yorkshire { it's ok I've had all my jabs he he !:0) }
The festival has been going for over twenty years and i've been doing it for the past sixteen . I stongly recommend a visit if you can . It's a lovely Christmas day out . If you decide to go, me and DH will be up in the Devonshire Institute ,at the top of the village, please say hello .
Now I have a bit of an announcement businesswise. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Manchester Yarn Day , organised by the Manchester Yarn Collective.I had a brilliant day and have taken up their invitation to join them . It is a collective of small Independent Dyers of Yarn and Fibre and after the success of the yarn day we are starting a Sock Yarn Club between us , called Northern Soles . You can get all the details on the website here .  There are six of us dyeing yarn , one for each of the six months sign up and I will be dying the yarn in March . So if you were thinking of joining a sock yarn club why not take a look .
Well that's enough natter got looooooaads to do .

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's December Yeh!!!!!!!

From the title it would be sujested that I'm glad we are in December . To damn right i am . As I've said I HATE November . To me it is the worst month of the year and this one has been no exception . It 's been wet and depressing all the way through . This past week I have suffered the worst case of Novemberitis for a good few years . I got up on Sunday morning to go to Samlesbury Hall for the Craft Fair when all I wanted to do was stay under the duvet till Dec 1st .

Well December is here . Yesterday we got our first frost and the Sun shone , as is it doing today .
So dear readers you can understand my spirits are now lifting .

Last night was full Moon and it was clear to see early evening .
We have two Moons this month which is unusual .The next will be on the 31st and will be a Blue Moon hence the saying " Once in a Blue Moon " as they don't occur very often . It's a very magical and powerful time between the two .
We are gearing up for the weekend when we do our first Grassington of the Season. I've sorted out a new costume that just needs tweeking then I'll post pics .I've not had much to make as I am selling off a lot of my stock to make way for new and exciting things , which I will showcase on here .
Next week I take delivery of my new " Granny's Bus " . I'm afriad the Galaxy has hed her day and is being pensioned of  . Again pics to come .

Rolf Harris .
This guy was on Paul O'Grady's Show last night talking about his new Christmas single . It's FABULOUS !!! Anyway don't take my word for it go see it here on You Tube . I bet you'll be humming the tune for the rest of the day :0) Hopefully it will stop this years XFactor winner getting to number one and we'll have a decent . good old fashioned Chritmas tune at the top of the charts in the same ilk as Wizard and Slade .