Friday, 4 December 2009

Grassington Dickensian Festival .

Well folks it's that time of year again and Grassington is upon us once more .
So tomorrow we will be getting up at rediculouso'clock to go

Here ,to the little village of Grassington in Yorkshire { it's ok I've had all my jabs he he !:0) }
The festival has been going for over twenty years and i've been doing it for the past sixteen . I stongly recommend a visit if you can . It's a lovely Christmas day out . If you decide to go, me and DH will be up in the Devonshire Institute ,at the top of the village, please say hello .
Now I have a bit of an announcement businesswise. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Manchester Yarn Day , organised by the Manchester Yarn Collective.I had a brilliant day and have taken up their invitation to join them . It is a collective of small Independent Dyers of Yarn and Fibre and after the success of the yarn day we are starting a Sock Yarn Club between us , called Northern Soles . You can get all the details on the website here .  There are six of us dyeing yarn , one for each of the six months sign up and I will be dying the yarn in March . So if you were thinking of joining a sock yarn club why not take a look .
Well that's enough natter got looooooaads to do .

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