Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's December Yeh!!!!!!!

From the title it would be sujested that I'm glad we are in December . To damn right i am . As I've said I HATE November . To me it is the worst month of the year and this one has been no exception . It 's been wet and depressing all the way through . This past week I have suffered the worst case of Novemberitis for a good few years . I got up on Sunday morning to go to Samlesbury Hall for the Craft Fair when all I wanted to do was stay under the duvet till Dec 1st .

Well December is here . Yesterday we got our first frost and the Sun shone , as is it doing today .
So dear readers you can understand my spirits are now lifting .

Last night was full Moon and it was clear to see early evening .
We have two Moons this month which is unusual .The next will be on the 31st and will be a Blue Moon hence the saying " Once in a Blue Moon " as they don't occur very often . It's a very magical and powerful time between the two .
We are gearing up for the weekend when we do our first Grassington of the Season. I've sorted out a new costume that just needs tweeking then I'll post pics .I've not had much to make as I am selling off a lot of my stock to make way for new and exciting things , which I will showcase on here .
Next week I take delivery of my new " Granny's Bus " . I'm afriad the Galaxy has hed her day and is being pensioned of  . Again pics to come .

Rolf Harris .
This guy was on Paul O'Grady's Show last night talking about his new Christmas single . It's FABULOUS !!! Anyway don't take my word for it go see it here on You Tube . I bet you'll be humming the tune for the rest of the day :0) Hopefully it will stop this years XFactor winner getting to number one and we'll have a decent . good old fashioned Chritmas tune at the top of the charts in the same ilk as Wizard and Slade .

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