Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cumbrian Floods

 As most of you will know Cumbria has been devastated by the worst floods ever . I have no pics but if you go here  you will see just what the damage is .The weather was bad when we were up there in the Summer but this just pales into insignificance now . Cockermouth and Keswick , two of my favourite places have been hit the worst . Cockermouth is especially close to my heart because of the Woolfest .
I hope that the waters receded quickly and the clean up can begin . I know the good folk of Cumbria will rise up and stoically carry on . If you would like to contribute to the flood funds you can donate here .
Please give generously to these lovely people .
I should have been going up to Cumbria today for Spinning Guild but I am heeding police advise and not travelling up there, as there is more rain to come and high winds . The thought of driving over Shap in the wind and rain doesn't bear thinking about.

As I am not going to Guild . Ambermoggie and Mr Mog are coming here for a Spin-in and a roast lunch . I will post pics later of our day :0)


elaine said...

We are ok in carlisle this time as the new flood defences have worked. My sister has not fared so well in Grasmere though. The hotel came within a whisker of being flooded and the garden wall and patio were swept away by the river. If the water rises again tonight the house foundations could be undermined. It's very scarey. The sports/show ground was muddy in August but now...!!!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

We had a super day and a fabulous lunch. Thank you:)