Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bloody November

In the words of Billy Eckstine " I Apologise " first for bad language in the title and second not posting for a fortnight . As the title of this post suggests I don't like November . It's cold , wet ,miserable and worst of all dark . It seems to be a family trait , as when I visited my Cousin the Mechanic on Monday he to was feeling low and morose . But fear not dear readers I have been busy in my gloom .

I have been reducing the Patons Jet Mountain in my wool room . I've made these simple mitts .
In various colours for the stall .

I've also made matching cowls . All to warm and brighten the dull November days :0)

I've also been very busy at my wheel and it's been a joy .

This is the finest I have ever spun and I'm so pleased . 420yds 100grms of Corriedale fibre .
These will end up as nice warm socks I think .

I've been having a play at doing art yarns as well . Spinning thick creamy Merino fibre then plying it with rayon machine embroidery thread .

I did this one with glitter but the pic hasn't come out very well .

A nice selection of natural coloured spun fibres and coloured Merino /Silks
I'm afraid the pics aren't good quality , see November again no bloody pardon , no blinking light .
The Winter shows began last weekend . I was at the Manchester Yarn Day and it was brill . I only booked 10 days before as well . This Sunday we will be at The Dalmeney Hotel St Annes . Then a short break next weekend before we head into Grassington for the 15th year .

Now for an update on Bobby . I've not put anything on my Blog for a few weeks mostly because I've been to upset to write about it . He was moved a few weeks ago to another hospital for rehabilitation and not to put to fine a point on it they cocked up bigtime . I won't go into to much detail but suffice to say his progress has been put back at least a month . I'm really angry ,as the day before he was transferred I'd been to see him and he was looking more like the old Bobby instead of looking like my Dad did before he died .
Anyway I went to see him last Monday and thank the Gods he's starting to look better agin and we even manged to get a couple of chuckles out of him and a definate " NO " when I asked him if he liked Johnny Ray ( a 1950's singer )  Lets hope this continues .
BTW did you know that six weeks today it will all be over ( Christmas that is ) :0)

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