Thursday, 22 April 2010

I'm all ready for Wonderwool.

The car is all packed up , so is the caravan. Just a few bits and pieces to put in and we are ready for the off tomorrow. When i think of what state I was in two weeks ago , I was ready for cancelling cos I didn't think I'd make it . Anyway the pills and the doctor have woven their magic and I'm back in the driving seat again.

We had a lovely walk yesterday . The sky was so blue and all the fruit trees were in blossom.
I'm not sure what fruits they all are yet but they looked stunning against the blue of the sky they just begged to be photographed.
And there were loads of cowslips .
What a difference the Sun and flowers blooming make to our moods .The weather forcast is set good for weekend so hopefully we'll come home with some empty boxes :0)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Easter , signs of Spring and a bit of a backward step.

This is a week or so late posting but read on amd you'll find out why.
We spent our first Easter at home in 17 years . We are usually out working but I didn't fancy spending four days in a marquee freezing my butt off . Instead we had our good friends Annie and Tony up from Wales.
Here they are enjoying our favourite railway walk . The weather was warm and fine and we had a brilliant weekend . it was lovelyhaving them stay with us instead of the other way round.
Unfortunately two days later my health took a HUGE step backwards . I was panicky and very weepy and I couldn't understand why I was like this after such a good weekend . DH managed to get me into the doctors who was as puzzled as we were but after a long chat he decided he'd taken me off some of my tablets a bit to soon . So now I'm back on them and after a weeks rest am feeling better. It looks like I'll be on them for quite a while now .Never mind I'd rather be taking them than feeling how I felt last week .
DH took me for a walk in the sunshine on Tuesday and everywhere there were signs of Spring .

Lovely Primroses 
and the Willow in blossom.
The weather has been gorgeous this week though there's been a cold wind . My spirits are once again lifted and I'm in the last throws of getting ready for Wonderwool Wales , which I didn't think I was going to manage to get there.I think all will be well now .