Friday, 16 April 2010

Easter , signs of Spring and a bit of a backward step.

This is a week or so late posting but read on amd you'll find out why.
We spent our first Easter at home in 17 years . We are usually out working but I didn't fancy spending four days in a marquee freezing my butt off . Instead we had our good friends Annie and Tony up from Wales.
Here they are enjoying our favourite railway walk . The weather was warm and fine and we had a brilliant weekend . it was lovelyhaving them stay with us instead of the other way round.
Unfortunately two days later my health took a HUGE step backwards . I was panicky and very weepy and I couldn't understand why I was like this after such a good weekend . DH managed to get me into the doctors who was as puzzled as we were but after a long chat he decided he'd taken me off some of my tablets a bit to soon . So now I'm back on them and after a weeks rest am feeling better. It looks like I'll be on them for quite a while now .Never mind I'd rather be taking them than feeling how I felt last week .
DH took me for a walk in the sunshine on Tuesday and everywhere there were signs of Spring .

Lovely Primroses 
and the Willow in blossom.
The weather has been gorgeous this week though there's been a cold wind . My spirits are once again lifted and I'm in the last throws of getting ready for Wonderwool Wales , which I didn't think I was going to manage to get there.I think all will be well now .

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