Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ta Dah !!!

It's all finished . Doesn't it look fab . I am thrilled to bits with it .

Wild flowers , roses . toadstools and snails .

Butterflies have been important in my life since I had a bad breakdown 25 years ago . Some one gave me a card with the inscription .
"True happiness is like a Butterfly
Chase after it and it will fly away .
Wait patiently
And it will land in your hand "
For years I wore a silver butterfly around my neck till it fell apart .

This butterfly is very special . Readers of this blog will know of my dog, Skipper , who is no longer with us . I got her in 1990 again I had ,had a bad breakdown and she pulled me out of it . Well she was named after the Grizzled Skipper butterfly and DH remembered and painted this little hommage to her .
I am going to take the wheel to Spinning Guild on Saturday . You never know DH might get some commisions :0)

1 comment:

Artis-Anne said...

that is truly a work of art and I bet you are happy with it, I certainly would be:)
Enjoy your one of a kind wheel and give that clever hubby of yours a big hug for all his hard work;)

Thinking of you my friend and I do hope that Bobby proves to those Dr's that they are wrong. He has a strong will and that in itself is powerful .