Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Grassington Dickensian Festival .

The alarm clock went off at 5-00am and strangly enough we'd both slept through. This is somewhat of a phenomenon as when we do Grassington neither of us sleeps well for fear of not hearing the alarm .

It wasn't as busy as past years but trade was steady all day . This is DH at the back of the stall .

As promised a pic of my new costume . The long term stall holders still dress up in Dickensian costume but unfortunately the newcomers don't ,which is sad as I think it adds to the atmosphere . It wouldn't have happened in Mrs Freebury's day . She was the lady who took charge of the Craft Market and was very firm about dress code .

Here's a full length . Sorry the pics are a bit dark , i'll try for better ones next week .
All in all it's been a good few days . We did well at Grassington , I had a customer call on Sunday who bought loads of yarn , two decent orders from my Blogshop and yesterday I picked up my new car .

There has been a down side though . My brother Bobby is not well . He has been moved down to the medical ward , which in my opinion is where he should have been sent in the first place . At last he is being seen by a doctor every day and I'm hopeful he will start to improve again. I really do miss him . I felt it when I went to pick my car up , as usually when I get a new car he is the first person I go and see to show off . I drove past his hospital window though just to show him :0)
The weather here is still miserable but the weather forcast says better days by the end of the week . I hope we get some good bright frosty days then we can have a good long walk , instead of short , shower dodging ones .


Artis-Anne said...

You both look amazing and I am glad you had a good weekend. sorry to hear about Bobby , hopefully he will get better care now .
Enjoy your new motor me dears , you so deserve it

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

looking good the pair of you:) Shame not everyone dresses the part though. As always sending Bobby healing thoughts