Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Walking and Spinning { not at the same time :-) }

After yesterday's deluge of rain this morning was glorious so me and Papa Bear had a lovely walk along our favourite railway walk .According to folklore if there's a lot of berries on the bushes and trees in Autumn it's going to be a hard Winter. Judging by the amount of hips , haws etc on the bushes along this walk the saying could be true. They are all heavy with fruit like these haws on the Hawthorn bush
Papa Bear and Meg going into the tree lined walk . It looks like a cave .
patches of sunshine breaking through the canopy
This Rowan was green a couple of weeks ago .
Coming out into the sunshine.
This was taken coming back and is the other side of the first pic of the walk .

The postie brought this ,this morning. It's a Jumbo Flyer for my spinning wheel . as the name suggests it's big . The bobbins can hold up to 200grms of yarn . Now i can ply 100 grms instead of just 50.
See the difference . The bobbin on the left is a standard one . Papa Bear fitted it to my wheel.
These are the singles on the Lazy Kate ready for plying .
Coming along nicely.
Two hours later. 100grms /318 yds of Hand Dyed ,Hand Spun , Blue Faced Leicester.
I am well chuffed . Being able to ply 100grms all at once saves a bit of time . All I have to do is spin 50grms of each of the colours I want to ply and away I go .
I truly love spinning . It's so relaxing and I just drift off into a world of my own .

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ambermoggie said...

fabulous pictures of the walk:) Would I know it?
love the new flier