Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring .

Don't you feel better when the Sun shines . For the past few days the back door and windows have been open it's been that warm . Everything is coming to life.It's only three days off the Spring Equinox then it's officially Spring .
Me and DH were up and out walking early this morning and it was glorious . The sky was blue , I think every bird around was singing and the air was filled with the musky scent of fox .We did our middle length walk and the following pics are what we saw .Celandine forcing their way up amongst the twigs and leaves .
Primroses. There was just one lonely clump.
Hawthorn bursting it's buds . We used to eat Hawthorn buds when i was a child , we called them "Bread and Cheese "
An early riser feeding off the willow buds .
A gorgeous Willow in full flower . Note the blue sky.
Cowslips just about to burst it's buds .
I got so close to this Robin . He was feeding off some seed someone had put on top of the post .
Another reason for welcoming the Sun , I can get my wool dried outside.
I could do with being outside for the rest of the day buuut unfortunately I need to get some stock made just in case the Silloth Craft Fair is definitely going ahead . I don't know what's the matter with me these days unless I am doing something that is fibre related I haven't got much motivation to do my other craft stuff . I desperately need some memory albums but I keep making excuse not to do them , maybe it's time to wind them down . I will have to finish the ones that are cut out though :0(

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ambermoggie said...

oh new yarn and fabulous colours:)