Monday, 9 March 2009


I love the word that I've chosen for the title of this post . It says so much and was a favourite of my Mum's . It must be a proper word cos I've spell checked it :0)
To me it means a mish mash of allsorts , which this post is going to be .
Firstly , look what the postie brought me this morning all the way from the U.S. They are from Enchanted Knoll Farm and I have my friend Littleberry for luring me over to this website and me giving my credit card a bashing but never mind :0)
This is called Sari . I just love the deep plum colour.
This is Red Silk Kimono . Again gorgeous colours .

Lastly Vardo . Now in the Romany world a Vardo is a type of Gypsy Wagon which to me is very apt as in the Summer we tend to live a gypsy style of life.
They weren't cheap but as I am always saying , I don't drink , I don't smoke and rarely have a night out and at least when these batts are spun I will have something to show for my money .
Remember the bobbins on the shelf , last week . This is a finished skein of Shetland Wool .
100grms and 433 yards . This is the finest I have spun to date .
This was spun from the gorgeous batt and Merino roving Blackpurl gave me in the Secret Santa Swap at S'N'B at Christmas . 100grms 399 yards . Not quite as fine but finer than I've been spinning.

Next up is Unfinished Symphonies.
I've been trying to finish all the bits and pieces I've started and left.
First up Mobeous and Mitts . Knitted from some hand spun Merino and Silk I spun whilst up in Cumbria last Summer .
Jogless Stripey socks begun last year , I can't remember when . Knitted in my own Hand Dyed Sock Yarn modelled on a pair of DH's sock blockers . Which can be purchased here .
Told you it was a conglomeration .
To finish off we went to Coppull yesterday to deliver a huge order of Project Bags , Sock Blockers and other bits and pieces ,to our friend Sarah who is starting up her very own website . She's cleverer than me . Sarah is getting very excited at the prospect of the launch Mid March . It's called Brownberry Yarns . Take a peek from time to time it will be opening soon .

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