Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Birthdays and Insulation

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a brilliant day . Plus , just like the day I was born , the Sun was shining brightly. Papa Bear bought me this.The spinners amongst you will be green with envy . Non spinners will be wondering what the heck it is . It's a Drum Carder for carding fleece and roving as part of the preparation for spinning. I can now make my own lovely batts :0)
I got loads of cards . Amber and Mr Mog came for lunch and brought me goodies of candles , crystals , outdoor joss sticks for my Summer Garden shrine and a twirly candle holder .
From the children I got flowers from No 1 son , A satchel for taking my knitting out and about from No 2 son , DD is taking me here to see Brief Encounter , my all time favourite . This is the original stage play not the Celia Johnston / Leslie Howard film.
And from No 3 son I got the book Stitch and Bitch Nation and the companion Work book .
Plus loads of goodies from friends at S'N'B .
It was lovely the children coming last night and it's always a laugh . everyone trying to speak at once . By the time they went I was knackered.

Today we have been Insulated.
The guys came to put cavity wall insulation in . What a noise , with them drilling . I can't stand high pitched whiny noises as I have sensitive ears. Fortunately it didn't take to long . The pic above is the stuff they put in and guess what !!!!!!!!! it's WOOL . Unfortunately it's not British but it's natural . It's like having a giant tea cosy put on the house :0)))
We will now have to see if it makes any difference .
I ended up doing a bit of Spring Cleaning because of them . We had to take everything off the window ledges because of the vibrations so whilst they were all clear I cleaned all the windows and washed the frames down and did my nets . I actually had the windows open for quite a while it was warm. I've also ended up with a pile of freshly dried ironing to do . TaTa .

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