Wednesday, 4 March 2009

New Walk and spinning update

My blogging seems to have taken a back seat of late but I'm really going to try and rectify that in future . Before I tell you about our new walk here's alittle pic from our usual railway walk .I found these little Snowdrops tucked under a tree . They were the only ones out, though there were a lot of tufts of green dotted about . Maybe there will be some more flowers when we go again.
Sunday we went over to DD's for a new walk and tea .
The walk was over Crompton Moor , in the hills above Oldham . She goes there often with her Boss and his two Labs and her little Maggie , the Patterdale. It was cold but quite bracing and the dogs had a whale of a time .
Half way up . Group pic , DD , Boss , Papa Bear ,dogs , Milo , Jake , Maggie and Meg .
Unfortunately Meg is the only one you can see clearly as the other three are black .
Thankfully we took a zig zag path as I have now realised I am definately not fit . I've managed to lose 10 pounds lately but the other ten will have to come off if I'm going to be walking in Cumbria in the Summer.
Summit . Wish I knew waht they were disscussing . Judging by the look on DD's face it was interesting. From the summit you can see three counties ,
and Yorkshire .
We really enjoyed it , it made a nice change. When we got to the bottom dogs and folks were pooped . DD made us a lovely Fish Pie for tea . Must do it again :0)

Spinning update .
I've been very busy , spinning wise . I've been a bit fed up of my plodding speed of spinning and seemed to have been getting nowhere , fast . It's been taking ages to spin 100grms of fibre , so last week I did a bit of experimenting and wheel tweeking and now I'm the Stirling Moss of spinners , well sort of . I've managed to spin all the bobbins in the pic in just a couple of days
and I did this last night . Hopefully they will all be spun and plyed by the weekend .

Last but not least.
Last week was Papa Bear's birthday and I bought him a super duper 12 mega pixel camera and this is one ofthe first pics he took . Meg was in her favourite place at the end of the setee and DH was at the other and just waited till she turned to him . There was no flash on , so he didn't get the usual redeye . Doesn't she look gorgeous We are biased though:0)

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