Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fibre , Fibre everywhere .

Today I went with some friends from S'N'B fibre hunting but we had to go over the border into Yorkshire and for someone from Lancashire that's scary . Only kidding , it's a Red Rose - White Rose battle thingy . We went to Winghams Woolworks . It's in a little village called Wentworth, nr Rotherham. We had a lovely journey and we couldn't have picked a better day it was gorgeous.
This was the Merino shed . Talk about kiddy in a sweet shop . There was another shed with Merino /Silk just the same . I just did not know which way to look .

This is what I got . Just a tad . He ! He!
But there was reason for so much is because I want to make ....
.......these. My own batts , to sell at Wonderwool and Wool fest
These are my first attempts with my new drumcarder and I don't think they are to bad .
Watch this space.
This is a bit of lace I've been wanting to do for a while. It's Swallowtail Shawl and I am using the fine Shetland I spun last week .
We've also had a bit of good news today . Our four day Craft Fair at Silloth at Easter could be back on . Some one else has taken it over . It just depends on whether he gets enough to fill the marquee .So we have got everything crossed.


Jackie said...

I thought I'd say hello because I live in Brinscall (Found your post) and I have been to WWW. There's a post on my blog with almost the same pictures!

Jackie said...

Thought I'd say hello because I live in Brinscall and visit WWW too.