Friday, 27 March 2009

This and That

I was going to post this blog yesterday but when I came on the puter to do it I noticed that Blogger was going to do some maintenance work so postponed it . As we go out to S'N'B on Thursdays it's had to wait till now . I like Thursdays and S'N'B . It has done me and DH good to have somewhere to go during the long Winter months and we are in good company as well . We also go to Lostock Hall Craft Group every month and the same goes for that .
What a difference in the weather .It will put have paid to all those daft people who , last week ,where walking about as if it was the middle of Summer in strappy tops and cotton frocks .
Yesterday morning me and DH couldn't agree on the weather forecast . He said it was going to rain all day I said it was supposed to come fine in the afternoon. Result we went out in the morning and got wet through . What happened in the afternoon ??????!!!!!!! The bloody Sun came out just like I said , next time we go by what I'd heard .
We've got strangers on the lake . They are Indian Runners , a breed of domestic ducks . One was there last week but it seems to have acquired a mate . I have no idea where they have come from as they can't fly very far . Someone must have dumped them there. We'll have to keep an eye on them .
The shawl progesseth a tad . I love the way it's coming out . I've used all the Shetland and am now putting a band of the Purple Merino blend I spun .
Here's a close up . I love my spinning . Over the last couple of weeks I have been selling the weaving looms I haven't touched for ages to raise funds for a new wheel , I want a double treadle so I can spin faster . I've now got enough and have ordered it today . Can't wait .
I've been making batts as well ,I love putting the colours together . Last night when I took this to S'N'B one of the girl's , Julie , said it reminded her of a mermaid , so that's it's name.
I've also been good this week and spent quite a bit of time in my workroom making memory albums . I think this is going to be the last batch I make . I've not a lot of interest in making them and the fact that you can get them in the shops for £6-99 doesn't help . I think I will carry on making my small ones as they are popular and don't take as long to make . I'd much rather be doing some thing with fibre.

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ambermoggie said...

Sorry you weren't listened to on the weather, love the indian runners a change to see them on the lake.
The shawl is gorgeous as is the mermaid batt.