Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Getting there .

Well I'm getting there slowly but surely.The good days are overtaking the bad , though I'm going through a bit of a rough spell at the moment as I am coming off the Diazapam . It's not easy and I wish to God I'd never been put on them . I now think I know what it's like for a junkie going through detox ha ha ! .
On a brighter note I've got my knitting Mojo back , though I'm only knitting socks at the moment . It's nice to feel the yarn and needles passing through my hands and it does help to calm me down .I've been spinning as well and that has the same effect . My hand spun stash is growing bigger so I'll have to start knitting some of it up soon .Another plus is on Friday  I went shopping for the first time in ages . Our neighbour very kindly  took us . I needed a rest when I got back . It's suprising how something as simple as that can tire you out when you've not done it for ages .But I did it .
I'm hoping to get back to S'n'B soon . I'm missing everybody and it does get us out of the house for an evening. 
I also miss not being able to drive and go out when we like. We've made few short trips out by bus  but i miss the convenience of just nipping to places in the car. Ah! well I will just have to wait a bit longer till I'm off the dreaded diazapam .
One more thing before I go . I made a huge ommition in my last post . On the 27th of last month me and Papa Bear celebrated our Ruby Wedding . Very quietly though but we plan to have a party as soon as I'm well enough.


fibreclaireUK said...

Good to hear from you again. Congratulations on your Ruby wedding. Love and hugs XXX

Rosalind said...

That you Ursula?

Just found your blog. Sounds as if you have been having a rough time but that you have turned a corner now. Hope you go from strength to strength. :o)

(Grasmere Show----you /Xstitch and cushions and me/dolls etc---- a few years back now)
Of course if you are not Ursula that will mean nowt will it?

Laal Bear said...

Yes ,that's me. Gosh you're going back some aren't you :-0

Rosalind said...

Must be 15 years? Didn't we do a swap------a cross stitch software in exchange for flower fairy fabric?
I miss the craft fairs-such a great bunch of people!
Be kind to yourself :o)