Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Wedding.

There's been a wedding in the Bear Family :0)
The youngest of our Cubs got married on Sunday.
In the words of Pa Larkin it was"Perrfick"
We had a dodgy moment at lunchtime when it heaved it down but as the wedding wasn't until 4-00pm it had time to fair up again, which it did .It stayed fine for the rest of the day .Thank you Dad.
The Somerset branch of the family came up for the weekend,which was good as we hadn't seen the boys for over a year.My how they'd grown.
Gathering of Bears
 The Somerset Branch of the Family.
 The Rishton Branch of the Family
And our only daughter with her Partner
All the She Bears 
The Groom and his Best Man
Waiting for the Bride
Nervous Groom
 Taking their vows.I just love this pic So much love :0)
 Scene stealer Baby bear
Signing the register
 The newly weds.They left the ceremony to Morecambe and Wise singinbg Bring me Sunshine.What a classic song and it says it all.
 With the parents
Don't they make a handsome couple
 Baby Bear with her Uncle
and her Auntie
 Papa with his new daughter in law
The Groom entertaning the wedding guests.He's a profesional singer and he said he's sung at everyone else's wedding so why not his own.
It was a lovely day and was so relaxed.
I hope you have enjoyed sharing it with me :0)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Patchwork and Friends

Greetings Readers.
I have been busy again :0)
This time the patchwork bug has bitten again and I blame Gemma from out Knitting Group.
She has been making some stunning quilts and it inspired me to take up patchwok again after a 15yr+ break.
I'd always bought my fabric in fat quarters or by the yard but now you can buy Jelly Rolls that make life a lot easier
They come in all sorts of colours and it was hard choosing which ones to buy.So i bought lots.
This is my first quilt using Jelly Rolls.
It was made with someone very special in mind.
As you know I have often blogged about my friend Artis-Anne and Tony and how we go down to Wales to stay with them. I met Annie about three years ago through Ravelry and we hit it off straight away.We both have a love of all things woolly be it knitting , spinning or weaving and both have a wicked sense of humour. When I was ill 2yrs ago she rang nearly every day to see how I was and we have forged a very close bond .Recently she to has been ill ,having to have major surgery. She has recovered quite well from this but still can't get out and about on her own and sometimes has down days.Unfortunately we live 130 miles from one another so popping round to give her a hug isn't an option .So I made her this quilt as a hug from me .Now when she has a down day she can wrap the quilt round her and know that it's got lots of love in it :0)
We ahve just had a few days down in Wales and I took the quilt for her.It is now known as 'Annie's Hug '
And here's the lady her modelling her Hug .BTW she was feeling fine I just made her have her pic took under the quilt Lol
My next blog will be super duper one as our youngest DS is getting married on Sunday so there will be lots of pics to share with you .:0)