Friday, 8 August 2008

World Tour of Cumbria Week 2

Well we got off to a good start with week two as the Cockermouth Show was good. We didn't think it was going to be on because the weather the night before was torrential and Buzby Berkley's gang where giving it death on top of the caravan but show day turned out very warm and sunny. i sold quite a lot of Blue faced Leicester yarn , which I was quite pleased about. Carol and I have had two trips to Woolclip ( sorry can't put a link in , this computer won't let me )at Caldbeck . It's a gorgeous yarn shop run as a co-oprative by some lovely Cumbrian ladies. Needless to say we had a good spend . I got two good books about natural dyeing and carding and a load of Dyed Herdwick to make crocheted bags for the stall. We are now enjoying a rest till next Thursday so we have had lots of walks. I am really very relaxed now . Who wouldn't be when you can lie in bed of a morning and just lift the blinds and gaze On Monday DH and I spent a lovely evening at my friend Cecelia's house at Johnby , with a group of knitters crocheters and spinners.One of the Ladies showed DH how to do Tunisian Crochet . he was well impressed.It was very relaxing and the time just flew. The highlight of the evening was when her Nubean Goat decide to poke it's head through the door and check us all out.We had put in to do Dalston Show tomorrow but weren't successful . I am now glad we didn't get in as , Guess What ?????!!! it's going to pour down . So i'm going to hunker down and spin ALL day. TTFN.


Nora said...

What fun you must be having in Cumbria! I hope it stops raining. Imagine living in Seathwaite, England's rainiest village, at the south end of Borrowdale. Have you been to Crookabeck Farm yet? If you go, say hello to Mary Beck for me!

Mrs Woman said...

Lovely to see you and MM at the Steam Gathering; the cherry on the cake after such a glorious day out. Hope the other fairs yielded some good biz for you. Will be starting on your lovely BFL combis next - can't wait! Take care, L x