Thursday, 21 October 2010

Still Here

It's nearly four weeks since i last Blogged , sorry . My blogging mojo hasn't come back properly yet . I think it's the actual taking pics and getting myself to sit at the computer for half an hour that does it .
Well I'm still progressing . I'm now down to 3mgrs of diazapam and the withdrawal syptoms aren't as bad as they were. My doc still won't let me drive :0( he says I've got to be completely off them before I can . I was having a pootle round the net the other day and found out that Diazapam is a Class C drug so no wonder he wants me off them .We are managing without the car . It only becomes a bugbear when DH has hospital appoinments then we have to sort lifts out . The supermarket is only a mile away and if we want to got to town we have our bus passes. 
My blogging mojo might not be up to scratch but the spinning and knitting are doing fine .
This is the fibre a dyed last month , all spun up waiting to be knit .It's not taken me as long as I thought . I was only going to spin an hour a day with it but I felt so relaxed whilst doing it I spent a little longer each day spinning. I'll have to find another project to spin now :0)
These are some of the socks I've knitted for Christmas presents . I started knitting them back in August when I needed to do something to focus my mind on . They are just plain socks but they kept me sane .
Some little cardigans for our expected Grandchild . It's not due till March so I dare say there will be a few more made before then .
And a bit of retro from the 80's. Chunky legwarmers . They are really warm and great for keeping the cold out  whilst out walking Meg .
I've got a few more things on the needles . Got to keep busy as I'm missing getting ready for Grassington in December. I will greatly misss doing it this year as we have been going for the past 15 years . One good thing is the lady who organises it has said we can have our places back next year which I think is very kind .
We have something to look forward to though . Next month we are off to Wales to stay with our friends Artis-Anne and her lovely DH . It will be quite an adventure as we are going on the train . I'm so looking forward to staying in there gorgeous cottage in the Welsh mountains . It will do me more good than pills :0)