Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Obsession , what obsession??????

My name is Laalbear and I'm an obsessive compulsive blanketmaker :0)
My yarn came on Saturday morning and I couldn't wait to get started but I had to finish my future DIL's blanket first . I finished that on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon I got started.
I'm following Attic24's blog and she has loads of patterns to inspire anyone.
I chose the Ripple Blanket as my Mum used to make similar blankets for all the Grandchildren.
I'm not following any colour sequance I'm just closing my eyes and using the colour that comes out .
It's so bright which I need at the moment cos the days are so wet and grey at the moment .
I've got my eye on more colours on the website where I got these and as it's my birthday in March I think they will be on my pressie list .
On the dyeing front I have started the mammoth task of dyeing all my Yarns and Fibres ready for the shows .
the first one is Wonderwool Wales in April which is only three months off arrgh .

Now a little question. Some of you may have noticed the Clustr Map in the margin .It tells me where in the world all my visitors come from and it is very specific.I keep getting a regular visit from some one in Hamilton Canada. I've never been there but I have distant relatives there . Just wondered who you are my Hamilton visitor .My relatives lived in Allen Ave ( formerly Street)


Sue said...

I believe I am your Hamilton visitor. Yes I do visit you on a regular basis. I am a bit of a lurker and very rarely leave comments. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each new post. I even get a little worried when you do not post for a while.
I have taken a quick look at the street map and there appear to be 2 Allan Aves but not an Allen Ave.

Laal Bear said...

Thanks for getting in touch Sue .Your right it is Allan Ave. I'm afraid my postings have been a little inremitant lately but I'm hoping to blog a bit more than i have been doing. Please leave comments it's nice to get them and at least i know folks are reading my Blog :0)