Friday, 10 February 2012

Fame comes to Chez bears

Cripes is it a week since I blogged. I've been meaning to do a bit more blogging than i have been but as usual tempes has bloomin well fugited again. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day for me .When I hear people say they're bored I haven't a clue what they're talking about. I've always got something to do whether it's knitting, spinning, crocheting . I can't sit at night and just watch TV i have to be working on some project or another.At present I've got about four projects on the go plus I'm busy designing and knitting up samples ready for the shows .And then there's housework ,shopping and walking Meg  squeezed into the day somehow .
And this week has been dyeing week .
Thanks to my friens Artis-Anne I have learnt the delights of double dyeing and this is the result
Don't they look lush.This wool will be a new line at Wonderwool Wales. It's Aran weight Blue Face Leicester and will have DK and Sock in the same colour ways and base yarn so you can make hats , scarves and socks to match.:0)
Now for thefame bit .This week LaalBear has been featured in Knit Now knitting magazine.
I'm so thrilled. I've had small mentions before but this is a third of a page and a link through to my shop . We'll have to see if it gets me any more sales .
This last pic is terrible . It would appear that I've bought more Stylecraft yarn .
It just confirms that I have an obsesive compulsive streak in me and that 2012 is definately the year of the blanket . See what I mean about time .This little lot will certainly occupy a lot . So what . I don't drink and I don't smoke and this box of yarn is equal to about five twenty packs of cigarettes but when I've crocheted this lot up I'll have a couple of warm blankets and a smoker will have a pile of ash :0)
That's all for now folks . I'll try and pop back before next Friday LOL

P.S. Ooops I forgot to say that there is a sale of lace weight yarns over in the shop.
All lace weight yarns have been reduced by £5 . There's no code as I've taken the money off at source .
If you fancy taking look go HERE


Artis-Anne said...

Glad to have shared overdyeing with you and the results ceratinly look yummy.
Enjoy your well deserved fame

Auntie Noo said...

*Giggles* Having just popped over from Artis-Anne's blog, today is clearly the day I read about crochet blankets. ;) (And have just finished making one myself!) Must be the cold weather LOL. So will it be rippled, striped or granny squares?

Dajon said...

Well done !