Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Who Stole March ???

Right , come on ,own up . Which one of you lot stole March ???
Seriously I don't know where the past month has gone . It's been murderously busy here at Chez Bears and something had to give . Unfortunately it was the Blog so I'll fill you in now .
I'm going to have to wrack my brains to remember everything that has happened.
As previously posted Papa had his birthday back in Feb .The Cubs had bought him a swanky new field scope for his bird spotting so he had to try it out . I surprised him with a visit to Martin Mere Wildlife and Wetland Trust Site to see the Winter visiting Whooper Swans. Every year we say we will go and never do .Well now we've been and what a sight .
There were hundreds of swans and shelducks feeding at teatime.
This is papa in one of the hides using his new scope . He's wearing the Johnny Kingdom coat that the Cubs bought him for Christmas .It was a good day out.
The 10th March heralded my birthday . DD and DS 2 paid for me to got to see Oliver at the Palace Theatre in Manchester . DS1 is working on a swanky new website for me and DS3 got me vouchers for Hobbycraft. I got two lovely fibrey books from Papa.Two days after my birthday we drove down to Wales for a lovely five days with Artis-Anne and Tony. We so love going down there they are such warm friendly and generous people .We spent the time chilling out spinning chatting and eating far to much cake .We had a lovely day out at Machynlleth market.Got a new bed for Meg and some bits. Could have spent a fortune in the Hippy Shop there. All to soon it was time to come home and get some work done.
These past weeks I've dyed a fair few kilos of yarn and fibre ready for the shows and I've had to keep updating the Etsy Shop as it has been busy there to .I've just finished a mammoth update today . Why not take a look .
Well you'd think that Spring had well and truly sprung if you looked in my garden.And last week we had record breaking temperatures . Hence the mega dyeing session. But today the weather is rather Baltic with icy winds .Snow is on the cards for Easter , i hope not.
Well that's it March was busy to say the least and April isn't going to be much different. We have two big shows , for which I'm still dyeing , and the caravan wants sorting out before we can go away . It's all go .
Sorry for the long gap . I can't promise I'll be back soon but I'll try :0)

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Artis-Anne said...

Catching up here ,better late than never lol . March ? what about April that too is whizzing by . Seems like so long ago when you were down here . Ah happy memories :)