Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Woolfest 2012 Yeah !!!!!!

Oh what joy . I have just found out that I've been accepted for Woolfest.
I've been biting my nails this past few weeks wondering if I'd got in or not .
Now I can relax an get on with all the new styff I have planned for it.
I will now go and have a lie down in a dark room with a cup of tea whist i calm down .
**Bounces away like Tigger**

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Obsession , what obsession??????

My name is Laalbear and I'm an obsessive compulsive blanketmaker :0)
My yarn came on Saturday morning and I couldn't wait to get started but I had to finish my future DIL's blanket first . I finished that on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon I got started.
I'm following Attic24's blog and she has loads of patterns to inspire anyone.
I chose the Ripple Blanket as my Mum used to make similar blankets for all the Grandchildren.
I'm not following any colour sequance I'm just closing my eyes and using the colour that comes out .
It's so bright which I need at the moment cos the days are so wet and grey at the moment .
I've got my eye on more colours on the website where I got these and as it's my birthday in March I think they will be on my pressie list .
On the dyeing front I have started the mammoth task of dyeing all my Yarns and Fibres ready for the shows .
the first one is Wonderwool Wales in April which is only three months off arrgh .

Now a little question. Some of you may have noticed the Clustr Map in the margin .It tells me where in the world all my visitors come from and it is very specific.I keep getting a regular visit from some one in Hamilton Canada. I've never been there but I have distant relatives there . Just wondered who you are my Hamilton visitor .My relatives lived in Allen Ave ( formerly Street)

Friday, 20 January 2012


Well after all my sock knitting last year I seem to have a blanket obsession going on at the moment.
Last year whilst visiting Artis-Anne we had a visit to Collinette for a yarn and fibre fix and I got a load of yarn for a blanket . I started it on New Year's day and in eight days I had finished it .

I'm rather pleased with it .
I imediately got my crochet hooks out and started another one .
This time using all the bits of sock wool I had left from the Sock Challenge .
It now has pride of place on Baby Bear's cot .
One thing leads to another :0)
I have started a third blanket but I can't show you yet as it's for Baby Bear's Mum's birthday .
It's a riot of colour as I'm using Stylecraft Special DK
Don't they look pretty . My friend Jenny at S'n'B pointed me towards this website last night. It's called Mason's and they do a special pack of all these colours for £25 shweee so I have ordered a pack so I can make even more blankets :0)
I have just updated the Etsy Shop this afternoon as well and there is loads of BFL yarns and loads of smooshy fibre  .

Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hi folks .just a short post to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
I am having a Twelfth Night Sale over on my Etsy Shop so you can banish the post Christmas blues.
There is 10% off everything just insert the code 12THKNIT at the checkout .
The sale runs from 12 noon to day 6th January till 12 noon 8th January GMT
Click Here to get to the shop.
Happy knitting/spinning :0)