Sunday, 28 June 2009

What I did on my holidays .

Hi Folks sorry about the lack of blogging this month but I've been so busy getting ready for Woolfest ( more on that tomorrow ). As the title says this blog is about the hols.
Again we went to Woodbury Salterton in Devon . We enjoyed it so much last year we went back for another look and as the weather wasn't as hot as last year we got out and about a bit more . I took my wheel and got a lot of spinning done . It was lovely spinning in the sunshine.
We met up with two knitting groups we had been in touch with on Ravelry but stupidly forgot to takes any pics or was it because we were nattering to much .Sorry ladies. Anyway we had a fab time , so much so we are going down again to Devon in August to do Fibrefest . It will take a lot of planning but we'll manage .
We went to a REAL craft fair in Bovey Tracey and had to actually queue for about half an hour to get in . It was great seeing so many crafters in one place . We stayed for about three hours .

Papa Bear talking to a wood carver.
Having a go at some stone carving.
This was fantastic . The dragonfly just balanced on the piece of wood .
A day out to Sidmouth. Though it was sunny and the sky was blue it was a cold wind.
Lyme Regis . We love this place and the weather is always good on the days we go . We made several visits.
The Harbour at Lyme Regis.
We found this lovely walk around the old part of the town .
And a little tiny mill tucked away behind the Main Street .
A visit to Chesil Beach . It was awesome . It just went on for miles and miles .
On one of our days out we followed a path by the River Otter to Otterton Mill . It's still a working flour mill and bakery . They have some great crafts there as well . This owl is made from chicken wire .
And these glass dragonflies looked fab with the sun on them .
This is the mill stream that turns the wheel .
This is where they ground the wheat to make flour. I've brought some home to make bread.
We couldn't go down to Devon and not go to Coldharbour Mill again . If you look back on my blog for last June you will see loads of pics and links from then . These are pics of the bits we missed last year.
Pap Bear looking at the steam engines that some times run the mill . It is a woollen mill and is mostly water driven . We had to go to pick up some yarn I'd ordered to dye for Woolfest.
As usual on my holiday blogs I leave you with a magnificent sunset this time over the river Exe.
Tomorrow you will read all about What I did at Woolfest .


ambermoggie said...

wonderful pictures especially the sunset:)

Dajon said...

Looks like you had a great time
on holiday. That craft fair looks
fab. Looking forward to seeing pics
of woolfest. We got back from
holiday on Friday, had a good time
but the weather was awful. Will be doing some PTOWN posts this week

Speak soon D&J xx