Monday, 29 June 2009

What I did at Woolfest

Well you can't have a Woolfest without these guys as they put the "wool" into Woolfest . Take a look at those horns .last year I posted about Woolfest and said it had got better . Well this year it exceeded all expectations by about 3,000.000.000 miles . It was tremendous . I've never seen it as busy in all the three years I've been doing it. We almost doubled our takings from last year .
Everything was good about it the weather was kind , the people were so friendly . We had loads of Ravellers come to see us and we made loads of new friends .There was such a buzzz .
Woolfest was the first wool festival to happen in this country and up to now I think it's the best . The organisers get it just right .
This is what we started with . A freshly washed cattle pen ,at Mitchells Cattle Auction Mart in Cockermouth , and a pile of boxes .
It's starting to come together.
A bit more yarn.
Add some sock blockers and fibre.
And we're all ready for business.
This stall had lots of lovely baskets . I didn't succumb , though I could have done .
These believe it or not are rugs . They're stunning enough to put on the wall I think.
Lovely weaving looms on the Ashford stall .
Met some great people . Mr Yarnyard was there again in his kilt .
Woollybutterfly ( Sarah ) test drives an Ashford Joy spinning wheel .
Nicnots and Krafty Koala on their stall .
John and Juliet from Coldharbour Mill . They are organizing Fibrefest in Devon in August and we are going down for that .
Ambermoggie winding wool on the Kindred Knitters stall . They raised quite a bit of money for charity over the weekend , winding wool for people and having raffles .
This gentleman was making ....
Oak swills . A traditionally made basket using strips of oak . Again I resisted temptation . In fact I didn't buy much this year apart from a book and a couple of hanks of yarn . Nothing jumped out and grabbed me for some reason . I think I'm going to get a spinning chair with the money I didn't spend
Friday night we went to the Tattie Pot supper and Spin-in . A good time was had by all .
The highlight of my weekend was meeting this guy. He's Richard Ashford of Ashford Spinning Wheels . My wheels are Ashfords .He'd come over from New Zealand to attend the Fest . It was a pleasure to meet him.
Well that's Woolfest for another year . We start the agricultural shows on Saturday right through till September . We will fit Fibrefest in , in the middle of August . So if there are any people from the South West intending to go there please stop by the stall and say hello .


ambermoggie said...

you got me:)
Some great pictures there and it was a fantastic weekend:)

Artis-Anne said...

Great pics Ursula and congrats on having such a fab weekend re your takings but then you so deserve it with all the hard work you both put in .

Dajon said...

So glad you had a great weekend.