Friday, 3 July 2009

Laal Bear has a new logo.

I meant to post about this before Woolfest but time got the better of me and anyway I decided to do a special post all to itself .Back in December I met a lovely lady called Teresa Boast at the Grassington Dickensian festival and she had the most amazing paintings of sheep . All different colours and with wacky names . We had a long chat about her work and I bought some cards from her which had prints of her paintings on.
Fast forward to two months ago . I was looking for a new and eyecatching logo for my new wool labels and remembered Teresa's work . The one I particularly liked was Streweth who had a multi coloured coat . He seemed perfect for my multi coloured had dyed wools . I emailed Tersesa to ask permission to use it on my wool labels . To my emence delight she said "yes" and even sent me a jpeg to take to the printer. The picture above is the result . I would now like to publicly thank Teresa very much for allowing me to use her art work . The labels had their first outing at Woolfest and everybody commented about them . It seems to have brought me luck as sales were awesome . Hope you like it .


Dajon said...

Very professional - how kind of Teresa to let you use her work.

Artis-Anne said...

Brillinat Ursula, the perfect logo for all your colours and how kind of the artist to allow you to use it, may the luck continue to follow the Laal Bear :)

Rosalind said...

Good to find your blog Ursula :o)

How many years since Grasmere Sports with dolls and cross stitch?
We have both changed direction a litle!