Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Once Upon aTime

I've done this as a separate blog so it doesn't get lost in my drivel .
My friend Alan , who is a broadcaster on National Radio , has started a new website for children called The Story Mouse . He and some friends have recorded some traditional fairy stories for the little ones to listen to . The stories can be downloaded to the computer and then copied onto a CD or MP3 player to listen to anywhere . It's great . We've road tested some of the stories this week ,as our Grandson is staying . He has given them a big thumbs up and has loved listening to a different story every night at bedtime . We've enjoyed listening as well and Alan reading the Emperor's New Clothes is a hoot , especially as his voice for the Emperor's wife is very Dame Edith Evans . At 95p per story I think they are a bargain and I think said Grandson will listen to them over and over again. It's very easy to download the stories , if I can do it anyone can , and you can listen to snippets before you buy . I really think Alan is onto a winner here and it should prove to be a great success . I think anything to get children interested in literature is good . Why not click on the link and have a listen , it will make you smile .


a flagrant soul said...

A great idea, going to look now:)

WoollyButterfly said...

the stories are fabulous, we bought a bunch to make up a cd for the car, TheBoy LOVES them!!!
thanks laalbear for the pointer!