Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hitting the Road

Well it's that time of year again were we hit the road to Cumbria to do the shows . We are only going up for three weeks this time instead of our usual six . Everything is ready including all the wool for our swap over in two weeks time when we do the marathon. We have to finish a show at Brough on the 20th travel straight home from there . Swap all the craft stuff for woolly and fibery stuff to travel down to Devon for Fibrefest on the 21st . Fibrefest on the 22nd / 23rd . Travel back home 24th . Swap the stuff over again and travel back up to Cumbria to continue the shows up there . Didn't a certain someone talk about winding down to semi retirement at the beginning ofthe year . Wanders away whistling tunelessly . LOL .
Buuuuut before that there is the small thing about going down to Glastonbury this weekend to go here to see the great Status Quo . Tickets were a Christmas present from Son # 1 . It's going to be made better by the fact that Ambermoggie and Mr Mog have managed to get tickets as well ,to celebrate Mr Mog's 65th birthday .We are travelling down tomorrow to spend the day chilling in Glastonbury with them ,then meeting up with them on Saturday for the concert . Yeh !!!!! how good is that . You'll have to wait till September for the blog about that .We had a treat yesterday a steam train went through our local station so we took our Grandson down to see it . He was enthralled . I told him that, that was how me and his Grandad used to travel when we were his age . Came the retort " Was that in the olden days Grandma " .Out of the mouths .........
The engine driver in his cab .
The engine was parked the full width of the road .
View from the platform . You can just see a bit of Meg on the right.
Truly a magnificent sight . I miss the steam engines that used to travel up and down at the end of the close where we live . Much better than the diesels of now they have no character . I think we are going to arrange another trip on one of these giants .
I've been doing a bit of felting . I made these phone cases out of the mountain of Sirdar Jet I have . They are a quick knit then put into the washer to felt . I've sold all these and made some more for Cumbria . Well thats it folks for a few weeks . I may get chance to blog whilst up in Cumbria but there won't be any pics . Lets hope the weather is kind to us and the shows are well attended . If you attend any of the shows please make yourself known .

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Dajon said...

Love the phone cases - very cute !
How fab the train came to your station.
Enjoy The Quo and the rest of the Summer - Speak to you in September.
Take Care