Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year .

Happy New Year to you all.
Unfortunately mine hasn't had a very good start . Better start at the beginning.
The weekend before I lost Bobby I had the father and mother of a Panic / Anxiety Attack and ended up in A&E because I frightened the living daylights out of Papa Bear .Suffice to say they weren't much help and packed me off home with two paracetemols and " Go see your GP on Monday ".
We managed to crawl through the weekend and I saw my GP Monday morning. Fortunately I got in to see the Doc who's seen me through my past breakdowns and I didn't have to do much explaining . He reckons it had been building up for a while and asked how I'd been over the past month . After a long chat he figured the bad case of Novemberitis I blogged about was warning bells and I hadn't heard them .He  put me on a course of tablets I've been on before and have to see him again on Monday .
I managed to get through Christmas with my family and seemed to be getting a bit better , I even managed a trip to see my Sister-in Law . But for some reason I began to feel low again yesterday .
This morning saw me have another doosey of an attack which just wouldn't go away . As out of hours doctors aren't much help Papa Bear rang my very good friend Ambermoggie and between them they managed to scrape me off the ceiling .Amber has a very soothing voice and managed to get my breathing under control to which I am very grateful . After I'd calmed down me and Papa Bear went for a walk on the park near us and touch wood I'm still quite calm.I'm hoping it will last but it's comforting to know that Papa Bear is here and Amber and Mr Mog are only at the other end of a telephone . With there help I'll come out the other end of this .


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Always here for you:) I think you are incredible Ursula so inspiring and creative.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

read my blog I've given you an award:)

Dajon said...

New year wishes to you both.
Hope you feel a lot better soon
and look after yourself.

I have just posted some sunset
pictures on my blog - take a look
they may cheer you up.

Dorothy said...

I hope 2010 will get better for you, what a sad and difficult start!

I had panic attacks when my much loved old cat was ill. The nurse I saw told me to practice breathing in for a count of 5, out for a count of 7. It's unbearably awful to suddenly lose someone who is so much part of your world as a brother you love. You can't expect to feel normal. Do take care and look after yourself.