Monday, 16 May 2011

Forty Year Wait ( the pond project day1)

Apologies again for not Blogging . Time just seems to be wizzing by at the moment which is good really ,cos it means I'm busy  . Much better than last year. 
I've had to get the dye pots out again for Woolfest as i had a biggish order last week .Then yesterday my favourite customer came so the pots are out again as I've realised I need more semi-solid yarns . 
I've been enjoying spinning and Papa Bear is busy carding up two Alpaca fleeces that I aquired . One gorgeous blonde one which I got from a lady at Guild and a beautful black one that i aquired on an abortive trip ,round Cockerham, for a camper van . It's great what you can pick up when you've got a very observent Dh in the passenger seat . Lol
Now then . There are big changes a foot at Chez Bears . Forty years ago next weekend we moved into our little den . Just the three of us , Papa , Cub No1 and me . In the back garden was a big pond and Papa Bear was delighted with it but after 40 years of trying to get the water right and plants not growing and blanket weed taking over we decided to get the experts in . So this morning Neil and Lyndon the pond experts arrived .
 Papa had emptied it the night before and got what few fish were left in .
 We had to go out for a hospital appointment but when we got back this is what we found .
 Neil needs to make the pond deeper and had to cut into the concrete . Unfotunately the previous owner was , shall we say copious with the stuff and in places it was six inches thick .
Still they ploughed on in the rain.
 Most of the rocks round the rim have now been removed.
 This has to be made bigger yet so tomorrow they're bringing in the heavy stuff . A pneumtic drill .
Neil's little dog , Millie, sheltering from the rain.
At four o'clock they'd had enough of the wet and cold and will return tomorrow .
I mentioned above that when we moved in here 40 years ago there was just the three of us .
Well now ,counting partners ther are now 15 members of the Bear Family . Not bad going eh !!
So here's a couple of pics of the latest member ,
 " I wuv my Grandad "
Her favourite pose .
She is coming on a treat and now weighs 9lbs 9oz . I think her Mum is producing Gold Top quality milk . Lol 
It's nice having a baby in the family again.
Last but by no means least , Papa has had a bit of good luck . When we went to the hospital 2 weeks ago for his eye injections they found his sight has improved . Now we were led to believe at the start of his treatments that it would only arrest any further damage but apparently some times things can get better , They don't tell you this at the begining so as not to get your hopes up . Any way he now has some central vision back . It's a little distorted but he can see better . He has one more injection of this round to have then they will see how things get on . We are both very chuffed :0)


Artis-Anne said...

What a fabulous post and the pond is going to look amazing when its done.
She is such a gorgeous baby and I'm very envious .Fabulous having grandkids isn't it ?:)
Again,great to hear the news re Phil's eyes.
I too wish we lived closer I would have you spinning art yarns in no time at all

Lily Hill said...

I love the pictures of your pond project! We're about ready to turn our swimming pool into a pond... I so happy to hear the good news about your husband's vision!