Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pond Project Update

Thought I'd give you a small update on the Pond Project.
 Just to refresh your memory it looked like this .
 Now it looks like this .
Inspired by the watching the Chelsea Flower Show this week I worked like a Navvy on Wednesday.
I stripped out the small bed by the pond and replanted it all with bee/butterfly friendly plants . Scabious , French Lavender , my favourite Pinks ,Aqualigia and Campanula .
I brought out my little Gnomes and Faeries from under the hedge to give the bed a bit a character.
It will take some time for all the plants to grow both in the bed and in the pond . I'll try and post pics from time to time through the Summer to keep you posted . 
I've been very busy this week , not only with the garden. I've been making myself some dresses for the upcoming trip to Cornwall . It's ages since I made clothes for myself and I've really enjoyed it .
I've had to get myself quite a bit of new clothes as I'm still having weight problems .But there is a reason   for it this time .It's not just me filling my face .On a recent visit to the Doc for a check up I mentioned my weight to him and he told me that it was a major side effect of the antidepressant I'm on . Well I'd rather be a size bigger than be ill again :0)
On a final note . Number 1 son ran the Edinburgh Marathon last week and did it in 4hrs 56 secs .Knocking 25 mins off his previous time and with a bad knee :0)

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Lily Hill said...

I enjoyed seeing your pond project. Please do keep posting pictures. I agree with your statement that you'd rather be a size larger than ill again! No one really understands depression unless they, too, have suffered. Unlike you, though, I lost my appetite and about 20 pounds.