Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Today we had along walk. The weather wasn't brilliant but the walk was. We went down by the River Ribble and round by an old railway path .Meg , our Border Collie loves this walk. The trees looked gorgeous all different colours. Who needs New England our Autumn { Fall} is as good as there's .
Tonight I am going to spin more of my Fruit Salad , it's coming along grand. And as tonight is Wednesday it's Joe Costin night. We don't watch tele, instead we listen to the wireless , sorry , Radio. Showing my age there. Talking of age ,Joe Costin is reputed to be the oldest man in Cumbria but he plays great music . Tonight it's seventies chart hits and tomorrow it's all Sixties . No pics tonight Blogger's having probs uploading. I was going to put Meg on.

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