Friday, 2 November 2007

Hand Dyed Tops .Hand Spun Yarn

Well the yarn is spun . I was quite suprised how muted the colours are now ,considering how bright the tops were when they were first dyed. But i am very pleased with the result and now plan to do more . I've got Woolfest and Wonderwool Wales to plan for , for next year and I don't just want to be selling commercially dyed sock wools. I think it will be Hand Dyed Yarns and Hand Dyed Tops. Spinning my own yarn will take to long.

This is the yarn being plyed.

All done and hanked up ready for a wash. The colours are so soft now.

Ready for knitting.

At the moment the yarn is being swatched . It may make me a pair of socks . The yardage was 280 and the weight 100grms. I think next time I will try to spin a little finer . I'm not doing so bad though , I only started to spin in June .

Hopefully over the weekend I will get it knitted up.

Craft Fair on Sunday so I can take it there and see what the punters make of it .

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