Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Confessions Craft Fairs and Spinning Wheels

I can't Believe it's been a week since I wrote anything. I've been so busy with all my dying and winding wool. First of all a confession . The Blue Faced didn't get dyed with the Natural Dyes. On looking into it properly I decided I needed more time to experiment first before I ruined any wool. It did get dyed though and the results are below . I used my acid dyes on the mordanted yarn and the colours have come out beautufully and it's so soft . I think I will be keeping a couple of hanks for myself . Well, dyers privilages and all that. I did aCraft Fair at the weekend as well . Again a proper Craft Fair . After spending the last two years with an organisation that is only interested in money and having more stalls with bought in goods than crafters , it is great spending time with like minded people again. It was a really good weekend. The picture below is part of the stall. This is the wood and Christmas decorations section . The pics of my memory albums didn't turn out so I will have to try again on Sunday.
This is Christmas sock wool . I had a play last week just for fun but I like it. I've started a pair of socks .I'm using 100grm space dyed and 50grms solid red .Finished one last night it looks good . There will be enough yarn for a pair of mitts as well. I've done a 4x4 basket weave stitch and it gives them a bit thicker feel so they will be warm. I've saved the best till last . This my dears is an Ashford Traveller spinning wheel and it's all mine and it is THE bargain of the year. On Sunday I was chatting to one of the stall holders and we got onto the subject of spinning . which i just love, and she said she had a wheel that she wanted to sell. I asked what sort and how much .Back came the reply , an Ashford Traveller and £25 . I nearly bit her hand off . I said yes without seeing it . So she rang her DH who brought it along when he came to pick her up . Now it has pride of place with my Traditional in the front room. In the Summer it will become my caravan wheel as it won't take up much room. So all in all I've had a good weekend. I've still some yarn to hank up yet but it should all be finished by tomottow night. I've got someone coming to buy some so it had better be.

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