Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Well first of all my socks are finished. I started to knit them Friday night and finished them Sunday evening . Not bad really . Iwas at a Craft Fair Sunday and that helped . More on the fair later.

Tops to Socks in Six Days . Sounds like the title of a travel book.
Havn't been able to get on here for a few days been tied up.
Papa Bear wasn't well over the weekend .His epilpsey reared it's head again after five weeks abscense. This is the longest he's gone seizure free for years. Never mind it's no good bothering.
Had a good Fair on Sunday . Met up with some of the old gang of Crafters and had a whale of a time . Even tooksome money. Also had an enquiry about supplying a wool shop. Two young ladies where rather taken with my hand dyed wools and askedd if they could come to the house. I said yes but did not get my hopes up as i've had enquiries before and they have come to nothing. ANYWAY got a phone call yesterday and they came last night and had a good spend and they want more. I've to ring them as soon as i've got my stocks up . Yes!!!!
So i've got to get dyeing.

These came yesterday and I can't wait to get dyeing. They are all natural dyes and i should be able to get some nice muted effects with them. I havn't used them before so i will have to be very careful . Got some some nice new dye pots so I can start this weekend.

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