Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Not Dyed yet

Unfortunately the Blue Faced isn't dyed yet . I hadn't realised how long it would take to Mordant 25 100grm skiens with only two large pans . So whilst it was mordanting yesterday I made a start on the 50 skiens of sock wool I have . Got some done last night and have ploughed on today . I am just having a tea break then I will finish the last 10. I've done some Christmassy ones which look good . Hopefully I'll have them all re-skiened for Salmesbury at the weekend. Managed to do some of my Christmas knitting as well last night whilst watching Autumnwatch. I'm making socks for everybody.Had another enquiry about my wool ,just waiting for a phone call. My link to Made in Lancs seems to be working. Ah! well back to the dyepot.

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