Friday, 9 November 2007

Dyeing Wool

This is what I've been doing yesterday and today. It's Merino and it's soooo soft. November is not a good month for dyeing wool . It takes ages to dry . Luckily I have an old fashioned rack which helps but it's not very big . I've got to get another fixed up somewhere.

The box below came this morning . This my friends is a large box of Blue Faced
Leicester and it all has to be soaked and washed and mordanted ready to be dyed with the natural dyes which came the other day . So I'm going to be busy busy.
My forms for Woolfest came today and I'm golng to have to get them back quick if I want to stand a chance of getting accepted
I've sent the ones off for Wonderwool Wales but i will have to wait till the New Year before I know if I'm successful. I'm keeping everything crossed.


miss mandy of flitwick said...

the socks look fantastic, as does the dyed yarns, might even tempt me. I am sure you will be accepted into woolfest, they would be silly not to.

ambermoggie said...

where do we purchase it from>?
BTW My DH worked with Joe Costin many years ago and we won a prize on his quiz last year:))
amber in morecambe