Thursday, 21 April 2011

Passing on skills and waiting for baby.

Intitot or to translate from Lancashire dialect , the weathers rather warm lol.
It's gorgeous here in Gods own county and we are making the most of it . Doing a bit of gardening and having some nice walks . We were out early this morning before it got to hot for Meg . We went on our favourite railway walk . Just as we turned onto the path we were hit by all the intoxicating smells of the blossoms on the trees . It was brilliant . All the birds were singing their heads off . I can never understand these peopl who walk along there with headphones on listening to music when they could be listening to all the birds .
Also this warm weather has brought out all the acres of white flesh . I am convinced that some people have no mirrors from some of the sights I've seen these past few days . Cropped tops and short shorts on people who, lets say ,are weight and age challenged lol 
Anyway here's something nice to look at in the sunshine :0)
 the perfume on this tree was gorgeous but I can't find out what it is .
 This was a lonely clump of bluebells
 Lords and ladies
And sweet Apple blossom .

About six or eight weeks ago i got a phone call from Grandbear #5 which went like this 
" Graaandmaaaa I've carded some fleece do you think you could spin it for me then I can knit a teddy bear ".
Of course Grandma said yes and when he came to stay last week it was all spun up . I asked if he wanted to dye it  he gave the answer in the affirmative so the dye pots came out. Please note not my acid dyes but Cool Aid . An American powdered drink that I would not dream of giving my children to drink for what it does to the wool but it's quite safe for dyeing .
Here he is dyeing his wool . It's nice to pass on skills . Unfortunately he lives 240 miles away so these occasions are few and far between . He loved every minute of it and went home as pleased as punch with his multi-coloured ball of wool .
We are still waiting for Grandbear #6 to put in an appearence . His/Her Mum went into hospital yesterday to be induced so anytime now . I'll be glad when it's all over and everything is alright .
Well that's all for now folks .Oh I've forgotten something me and Papa Bear have decided to do Fibre East in July . So for three months on the trot we will be at wool festivals . Woolfest in June , Fibre East in Ju;y and Fibre Fest in August . More later . Toodle Pip :0)

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