Friday, 22 April 2011


I've got up this morning feeling a bit down . No not my "depression down " just down .
At the moment we seem to spending a lot of time waiting . We are still waiting for baby Bear to make an appearence and we are now getting a bit anxiuos as it is now the third day of Mum being in hospital .
We are also spending a lot of time waiting in hospital waiting rooms . I don't usually say much about ailments and such , appart from when i blogged about my depression , but just lately Papa Bear has been dealt another two blows .Appart from his Epilepsy the Macular degeneration which hit him last year has worsened and he has now lost all central vision in his right eye . He is now having to undergo more injections in his eye . Just the thought of it makes me curl up . And now this past fortnight he has found out his bad backproblems is not sciatica but a degeneration of his spine and hip . We've been waiting to here from the Orthopeodic man who got in touch yesterday and has arranged for Papa to have an MRI scan . So a bit more waiting . Thankfully it will be done before we go on holiday . I think we have on average one or two appointments every week till we go away .He doesn't deserve all this .
Anyway the back problems has led to some mixed blessings . Because Papa won't be able to manhandle the caravan anymore we have decided to sell it . We are on the lookout for a small motorhome . We'll get more use out of it and be able to " Just Go " whenever we feel like it  . Some good comes out of everything .
We are off to see Papa's brother this afternoon so that will lift us both . Then , after being like a boarding house over the past two weeks with Grandbears staying , we become boarding kennels as Maggie comes to stay for three weeks whilst Dd and her man go on holiday .
Hopefully I will soon have some baby news .

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