Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wonderwool Wales Preview

Well where did March go then . It's been a very , very busy month for us . Dyeing ,sewing , painting and soap making. All in the name of Wonderwool Wales . I've really got back in the saddle these past few weeks after my Gap Year . I've enjoyed every minute of creating new yarns and bags . Each week I have set myself a target of things to do and i've achieved it without tiring myself out and I'm feeling on top of the world . Everything has got done but there is still a few last minute tweeks .The only concession I have allowed myself this year is not taking the caravan . I decided it would be to much after not going out in it for a year and the six months not driving . We are looking forward to a nice B&B for a change .Now for the Preview . The following pics are a selection of what will be on sale at Wonderwool this year .
                                                          Small Pocket Project bags 100% cotton
Bucket style knitting bags . Lots of pockets on the outside for your bits and pieces.
 Small Pyramid Bags .
100% Cotton
Large Pyramid bags .These have a nice  squidgy feel  as they have a batting interlining .
100% Cotton
Box Project Bags . Also nice and squidgy . Ideal for sock knitting . I use one for taking my knitting to endless hospital appoitments with Papa Bear .
100% cotton
 Loads and loads of hand painted sock blockers in small medium and large . With a choice of sheep or flower paintings . All made by Papa Bear .
And last but not least Sheep Soap ( try saying that when your drunk )
Papa Bear has made these as well . Very cute don't you think.
New Wools .
Country Tweed . A lovely Merino tweed effect sock yarn.
Pussyfoot . A gorgeous soft Merino / Cashmere / Nylon yarn . Lovely for socks and  shawls  .
 Razzle Dazzle and Bobby Dazzler Sparkley sock yarns . Unfortunately the pics don't show the sparkley up very well. Razzle dazzle is silver sparkle Bobby Dazzler is gold .
So you can see now why there hasn't been any postings in March .
We have more shows to come during the year . We have got in to Woolfest in June and Fibrefest in August . We have also applied for Fibre Flurry in October so it's going to be a very woolly year ahead .

Grandbear hasn't put in an appearence yet but hopefully in the next week . Somehow dates have got mixed up so a little while longer to wait .
Right that's it for now got some bits and pieces to do . See you all at Wonderwool . Don't forget to come and say hello . We are on stand T6 near the food and workshops . :0)

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Dajon said...

Wonderful array of goodies.
Love the names for the yarns
and the sheep soap.